About Shipyard: Serenity
The year is 2375 and the Dominion war has ended. Due to the heavy loss of ships and increased pressure on the current shipyard to repair badly damaged vessels Starfleet decided that it would be easier to simply decommission them but the question is were would they go therefore Starfleet decided that the serenity shipyards, that had been abandoned in 2360, were to be recommissioned with a long-term task of repairing and maintaining damaged and decommissioned ships so that they could be brought back into the action at a moments notice.
Storyteller: Vacant
Sim Title:The Recommisioning
Sim Notes:
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Commanding Officer Michael Stout
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Executive Officer Omni
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Operations Manager: Sherlock Grimes
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Chief Engineer: Mike Knight
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Head Of Civilian Operations: Ferl'lak
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Chief of Security: Tyrell Decker
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Chief Medical Oficer: Yuri Balashov
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Chief Research and Development Officer: VACANT
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Red Alert
Tactical Systems Defensive Shields Torpedos Phaser Arrays
Support Systems Life Support Environmental Support Gravity Plating
Chi Drones Chi Drone 1 Chi Drone 2 Chi Drone 3 Chi Drone 4 Chi Drone 5 Chi Drone 6
Recreational Systems Holodeck 1 Holodeck 2 Holosuite 1 Holosuite 2 Lounge Mess Hall
Auxiliary Spacecraft Shuttle 1: Hyperion Shuttle 2: Pegasus Runabout: Valkyrie
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Michael Stout CO Human 6'4" 266 lbs. James Sinclair OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Omni (2 of 13) Executive Officer Ex-Borg (inhuman) 6’1 175lbs Trinity Fister
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Of Security
Lieutenant Scott Woods Chief Engineer Human 5'9" 240 Geoff Joosten OK (1)
Lieutenant Yuri Balashov Chief Medical Officer Human 6'2" 240 lbs Michael McDowell OK (5)
Lieutenant Sherlock Grimes Chief Operations Officer Human - Reformed Borg 5'10" 176 lbs Sean Bigbee OK (1)
Civilian Ferl'lak Director of Civilian Operations Ferengi 5' 162 lbs Travis Good OK (2)
Civilian Micah Pikelsimer Station Police Chief Human 6'0" 239 lbs James Sinclair
Civilian Elizabeth Notta Lounge Manager and Bartender Atlantean 5'6 125 Sara Rastellini OK (1)
Ensign Riker MacMoragh Scientist Human 170 5'7 Timothy Frogue OK (1)
Polaris Station AI AI N/A N/A Geoff Joosten OK (1)

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