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Scott sat at his console drinking his coffee and chatting away with Pol and the other engineers while they awaited their inspection. The soft round man stared at the power distribution schemes he had pulled up. “Ensign,” he addressed NE Sparks, “What would happen if we re-routed power from floors six and eight. Could we get lights in 14?”

Sparks shrugged his massive shoulders, “I suppose but what would we shut off on six and eight? That is where some of the crew quarters are.” The man looked over the screen himself then said, “I mean, I know what the old man is trying to do, but aren’t we just robbing Peter to pay Paul?”

The CE grunted. He didn’t like the idea much himself, mostly because it would give a false sense of what was available. He still had to occasionally send people into sections of the station in space suits and grav boots. “Pol, what would happen if we decreased power to all the active decks by ten percent? Dimmed the lights, took off line redundant systems. The works?”

CE Woods

“Well,” the AI responded in a pleasant enough tone. “You have broken conduits in some of the decks as it is. We couldn’t get full power to everything if we had to. But by my calculation, we could get the lights and gravity -on- in some of the closed off sections, but you risk rolling brown outs to the rest of the ship.” Then their was silence before she added, “I like it.”


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“Actually.” Sherlock walked in on all of that conversation. “I already accounted for that with the gravity and the light. You apparently were not informed Ensign.” Moving over to the main console and pushing buttons. Moving over to one of the consoles behind him. Reaching up on the display and a few more taps. “Sweetie. Now check it along with that algorithm I just put in and what I just unlocked for you.”

There was a bit of a smirk, yes, he could lock her out. Not that he liked to, he was kinda sweet on her, but he did. “Mister Woods, if you would be so kind as to check it now. Along with your idea, I made some alterations to it. Please add your input where you see fit, or something I may have missed.”

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