New Sim: The Day After Tomorrow

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It was 2130 hours and Ensign Riker MacMoragh was in operations on watch. It had been a long watch as there was only him and two others present. Of course, after all the trouble that MacMoragh had caused, it was amazing he was still in Star-fleet, so MacMoragh did not complain. Since the station is not a ship there was no center chair; instead, MacMoragh sat at his regular duty station which faced the “big screen.” While performing a few light duties an alert arose.

NE Ensign: Sir, we have an opening forming in space…

McMoragh: How far out?

NE Ensign: About four minutes in a shuttle craft, sir.

MacMoragh: Put it onscreen.

The viewscreen came on to show what appeared to be a tear in space about the size of the station..

McMoragh: Are you sure we are not seeing something from much farther away, NE Ensign?

NE Ensign: Yes sir, I am sure....this tear in space in right in front of the station.

McMoragh: Okay, that is good enough for me…answered MacMoragh....but in the middle of his sentence another developement occurred.

NE Ensign: Sir, are you seeeing this?

Just then a klingon Battleship appeared from the rift....

McMoragh: That does it......NE Ensign....sound battle stations…do it now!

(OOC: With that our new sim has started; it is supposed to be around 30 days long…I hope you all enjoy.)

The High and Mighty Story-Teller

Ferl’lak was in his office doing paperwork when the alarms went off. “What in the name of Latnium is going on here?!” He stayed in his office since it was very secure and decided not to flood the bridge with questions right now. It s sounds like they have their hands full.


OOC: What happened to my character?

OOC: Travis I sent you an e-mail.


Sherlock had just had to go to the bathroom, coming back now, “What in the blazes is going on? Report.”

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