Experimental Fleet

Supervisor of Experiments

Captain James Sinclair

Welcome to the eXperimental Fleet

The X-Fleet. A place to try out new ideas and express your creativity outside of the normal limits of STF. X-fleet is here to allow you to play a different side or just an entirely new enviroment within the realm of Star Trek. Many of us have played with the idea of being a member of the Tal'Shiar, commanding a Klingon warship or even being a head scientist at a secret star-fleet research base! All you need is a minimum of four friends who want to join you on your adventure.

The Rules

1. The proposed X-Ship is set somewhere within the Star Trek universe.
2. Nothing about the proposed X-Ship violates the club's Terms of Service.
3. The proposed X-Ship is not a deliberate duplicate of any existing ship.
4. The Five members applying must be of club rank Ensign or above as defined by Fleet Command and Mundane Matters (FCOMM).

Application Process

When creating an application for a new ship you will need the following 4 things:
1. The names of five members who endorse the X-Ship's establishment and intend to play on it.
2. The usernames of the aforementioned five members.
3. The name of the proposed X-Ship, which must be unique.
4. A description of the proposed X-Ship that does not exceed 250 words.

Important Documents / Information

Application for a ship: Here

Bylaw On X-Fleet's Establishment And Supervision

Note to Captains - Be advised that the title or rank of Gamemaster may not be used in the XFleet. The custom position of "Storyteller" may be used instead. Also note that reaching out to Cadets will result in a Tier 8 punishment and/or loss of command.

Decommissioning A Ship

If an X-Ship ever has less than five players who have posted on it within the previous 14 days, it is to be decommissioned by the SOX following a 7 day probation period. An X-Ship may also be decommissioned by the SOX if that ships continued existence somehow violates the Terms of Service. Violations of the TOS by a player who happens to be on an X-Ship will not be grounds for decommissioning. Any decision to decommission an X-Ship by the SOX is final and may not be appealed. No one besides the SOX has the power to decommission an X-Ship.

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Fleet Admiral James Sinclair Supervisor of Experiments James Sinclair

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