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Would you like to get involved with X-Fleet but have no idea where to start? This page contains lots of information to help you create, or join, the STF ship of your dreams!
From members with an X-Fleet idea looking for crew, to crewmembers searching for their next mission, the X-Fleet Classifieds will show you all of the current opportunities available.
As long as you hold a minimum member rank of Ensign (check your Profile if you're not sure), then you are welcome to both propose your own concepts and apply to get involved with existing ones.

Putting the X in eXperimental!
The best thing about being on an X-Fleet ship is that a lot of the standard club rules do not apply. So if you're barely an Ensign out in the main fleets, you can jump straight to Captain on an X-Ship (although this will not be recognised in the main fleets). Or have a ship without a traditional rank structure! If you've always wanted to play a Changeling on a journey of self-discovery, then you might be able to find (or create) a space to do that here. As long as your idea or character doesn't break any of the X-Fleet's own rules (see the 'Commissioning an X-Fleet Ship' section below) then pretty much anything goes!

Supervisor of Experiments:
Travis Good

X-Fleet Rules

Commissioning an X-Fleet Ship

1. Ship Criteria

All potential ship and sim ideas for X-Fleet must meet the following criteria to be approved:

  • The proposed X-Ship is set somewhere within the Star Trek universe.
  • Nothing about the proposed X-Ship violates the club's Terms of Service.
  • The proposed X-Ship is not a deliberate duplicate of any existing ship.
  • The Five members applying must be of club rank Ensign or above as defined by Fleet Command and Mundane Matters (FCOMM).

As long as you meet the above criteria, then you are free to let your imagination run wild!

2. Ship Application

To submit an application for an X-Ship, please contact the SOX and provide the following information:

  • The names of four other members, besides yourself, who endorse the X-Ship's establishment and intend to play on it.
  • Character ID's for your own, and the other four members, intended characters (these will need to be created in advance).
  • The name of the proposed X-Ship, which must be unique.
  • A description of the proposed X-Ship that does not exceed 250 words.
Running an X-Fleet Ship

Important things to remember:

  • The title or rank of Gamemaster may not be used in the X-Fleet. The custom position of "Storyteller" may be used instead.
  • Reaching out to Cadets will result in a Tier 8 punishment and/or loss of command.

Decomissioning an X-Fleet Ship

If an X-Ship ever has less than five members who have posted on it within the previous 21 days, it is to be decommissioned immediately by the SOX. An X-Ship may also be decommissioned by the SOX if that ship’s continued existence somehow violates the Terms of Service. Violations of the TOS by a member who happens to be on an X-Ship will not be grounds for decommissioning. Any decision to decommission an X-Ship by the SOX is final and may not be appealed. No one besides the SOX has the power to decommission an X-Ship.

X-Fleet Classifieds

X-Fleet Concepts looking for Players
Concept Summary Positions Available Contact
Orion Pirate Ship. Join the small crew of a Syndicate ship and take part in piracy, smuggling, political espionage and more! There's no crime too small or too big for this crew. Non-Orion crewmembers welcomed. Come and explore the dark corners of the galaxy. Various Abigail G
Task Force Sigma Five (Replica of a fleet-wide sim). Play as many or as few characters in various positions on multiple now-retired STF specs in what is condensed replica of a fleet-wide sim environment. The Task Force will explore possible events that were happening outside of what we saw in DS9 and Insurrection (and any relevant club history) during the Dominion War. Various Nicholas Villarreal

Please contact the SOX or post on our Message Board if you have an idea for an X-Fleet ship and would like to find more players.
Remember, you need five players in total for an X-Fleet ship to be commissioned.
Please Note: Posting an X-Fleet concept here does not guarantee that the ship will be commissioned.

X-Fleet Players looking for Concepts

Please contact the SOX or post on our Message Board if you are interested in getting involved with X-Fleet and are happy for potential X-Fleet captains to contact you about their ideas.
Please Note: You may request for your name to be removed from this list at any time.

X-Fleet Concepts Free Use List
  • Coming soon

Please contact the SOX or post on our Message Board if you have an idea for an X-Fleet ship that you do not wish to create yourself but would be happy for someone else to.
Please Note: Ideas listed here become available for anyone in the club to develop in X-Fleet. By donating an idea to this list you agree that another player can freely adapt it in any way they see fit (in keeping with X-Fleet rules).

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Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Travis Good Supervisor of Experiments Human 43 5'10" 180 Travis Good

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