USS Swift
Storyteller: Vacant
Sim Title:Phone Home
Sim Notes:An unknown message has come from deep within space without an apparent origin. After picking up the message, the Swift nod itself at odd end as to whether or not it was intended to be hostile or was merely a sign of distress. Without a person to be able to encrypt the code, they have no idea how to respond to the enigmatic comm from beyond the horizon. Will this message unveil itself to be a threat? Or will it reveal a plead for assistance from the ship?

In the mean time there has a been a breach in security, and the prison, meaning a dangerous asset to the Orion Syndicate is on the prowl.. but is all as we believe?

Sim Threads:
Commanding Officer: Bov’ar Akarel Bov'ar Akarel
Hello Everyone, I am Trinity Fister and I will be playing Captn. Bov’ar, I cannot wait to sim with you guys! Have fun and enjoy yourselves. Also, if you see a position that you would like to play, or have an idea for a Prisoner, please contact me! We are currently in need of a CoS, CSO, JOs, Prison Governor and Prisoners! Also, if you would like to play an EMH, Morale Officer, Marine or anything thereof, just talk to me!

Played by: Trinity Fister
Email: Contact Form
First Officer: Kitty CrawfordKitty Crafford
The First Officer Words of wisdom go here.

Played by: Christina Crafford
Email: Contact Form

Chief Engineer: Contact CO
Run scans, make sure that core is in prtistine condition!
Played by: James Gray
Email: Contact Form
Chief of Security: Contact CO
Intruder Alert! Or.. escape alert? A prisoner has escaped!
Played by:
Email: Contact Form

Chief Science Officer: Vacant

It seems that the Run scans! Decipher encrypted codes, anything to help.
Played by: Vacant Contact CO
Email: Contact Form
Chief Tactical Officer: Zero Del Wolf
Oh barnacles! A new message has come and we know nothing about it!

Played by:
Email: Contact Form

Chief Medical Officer: Jaieh VrenekJaieh Vrenek
It is physical time again! Good luck getting the officers down there.
Played by: Sam Pennington
Email: Contact Form
Counselor: Vail StevensVail Kirsten Stevens
Have you heard the news? A mysterious message has come from an unknown source, do you think you could help?
Played by: Lori Miller
Email: Contact Form

Chief Operations Officer: Vacant
Ready? Aim. Fire! Is everything prepared for potential battle? Are scanners online?
Played by: Contact CO
Email: Contact Form
Head Guard: Kodek Vonn Kodek Vonn
How did that prisoner get out from under your nose? There is something fishy about this.. place
Played by: James Sinclair
Email: Contact Form
Prison Warden: Marco GuntherVacant
It is said that a prisoner has escaped.. but is all what it seems? Find out!
Played by: TBD
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Cargo & Orders
Current Detainees: Myvera Statin - Thief and Hacker

Rylee Amara - Ex-Security Officer

High Profile Detainees:None At Present

USS Swift Drop Off Points
New Zealand Penal Colony
Federation Detention Outpost 7
Federation Detention Outpost 1
Ferad III Asylum

Posting Limits
GM/CO/XO: 3 Days
All Department Heads (including CNS): 5 Days
All JOs/Swings: 7 Days
Yellow Alert

Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Kitty Executive Officer Human 5’6 115 Christina Crafford
Lieutenant Patricia (Trish) CSO/2O Android 5'9" 137lbs Mark Pratt
Colonel Marco Gunther Prison Warden Human 5’9 200lbs Michael McDowell
Iolaus Stavros Prisoner Human 5"4 68kg Cass Young
Prisoner (Ex-Starfleet)

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