Main Sim - Bridge - 2 Days Later

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It was two days later and the Unity was in orbit of Earth finalizing some small engine tweaks and crew assignments when the ship’s CO Captain Tanner called over comms, =/\= Attention all hands, department heads report to the rear bridge briefing area in 10 minutes for mission updates! That’ll be all…=/\= He said.

Aatami was at the helm assisting with the engine start ups when the call came through. He half-turned his chair, looked at the spot at the back of the bridge, and said softly to himself “Oh no. That only gives me nine minutes and fifty seconds to get there on time.”

Marinna was in her office looking over crew evaluations when she heard the call. She set aside a report she was reviewing and headed towards the bridge. A couple minutes later, she arrived. She took a brief look at her station before heading towards the rear of the bridge for the briefing.

Tanner turned from the briefing console and looked to Marinna, “..Ah Lieutenant good you can join us, I think you’ll find some of your skills tested this mission if intel is to be believed.” He commented.

OOC: Ok folks chop chop! Also our JO can man an Aux console to keep the bridge manned.

GM CockRoach

Elena listened to the announcement and as the department heads left she stepped in to take over at one of the Aux consoles.

Elena Carzen (Scientist)

Lina looked at the Captain from the Tactical Console. She had never really been assigned bridge duty before so she stood slightly more rigid than normal, her hand often resting on her trusty MACO phaser pistol. She gave her boss a nod as she arrived on the bridge. Instinctively she had moved her weight to her left leg as if to leave but when the Security Chief moved to the back Lina stopped herself. Looking back down at her duty Station for the moment.

Lt j.g. Karólína ‘Lína’ Karlsdóttir

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