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Hunter started to go over all the scans in depth to see what the scan can reveal and hopes in helping with the situation “Are they Romulans or something or someone else.” He said softly as he dug deep into the scans. He even tried other types of scans to help reveal the truth to the situation.

Scans showed for sure the energy patterns were below what one would expect of a T’liss warbird, ID was hard to figure out closest match beyond a Romulan disruptor was either a Klingon or Orion disruptor! Given the sheer distance from the Klingon border it was unlikely this was them, which left two options either these WERE Romulans or they were Orions....

”..Open a channel then Myasnikov, let’s test your theory while we got the chance!..” He said.

Turning to Marinna then, “..So who could these be then if not Romulans? Any thoughts?” He asked glancing back to the screen as the ships began to slow and hold position in a circular formation around the Unity 10km off all sides.

“They are not acting like typical Romulans.” Then a thought came to her. “One moment Captain, I want to check a theory.” She took another look at the sensors. She was looking to see if there was any indications that they had battle damage that was repairs in the last year. If there was, it would indicate that these ships were acquired after the battle, maybe surplus.

There was no sign of battle damage or age in fact the scans oddly showed these ships if readings were true were less then a day old!!

Mysnikov took a breath and then activated the comms. In Romulan, he spoke as they hailed the other vessel. =/\= Unidentified vessel. This is the Federation starship Unity. You have fired on us unprovoked in direct violation of the peace accord. We will give you a single opportunity to explain yourself, ‘Admiral’. Please note we have already sent word to the Romulan delegation currently enroute that you are in this system, and expect them to be in system within the next twelve hours. We are sure that any territorial claim can be settled at that time. We will warn you. If you fire upon us again, we will defend ourselves. Otherwise, you may hold your position and we can… discuss… your assertion that this system is part of the Star Empire. Please respond, Admiral. =/\= and he immediately muted the audio from the Unity side and relayed what he said to the bridge crew. “Sorry for the dramatic license. But I was hoping to at least make them pause for a moment, buy us some time. If this is the Orions or Nausicans that have been on-planet before, they won’t want to make the Romulans angry. If they think the real Romulans are coming, that may give them something else to consider.”

Marinna smiled at his guile. She was impressed.

There was a long pause and then there was activity, two of the ships to their rear came about and fled! Jumping to warp 5 out of the system. Heading interestingly in the direction of Orion space, over the comms this then was echoed by a Orion curse. =/\= Fools! =/\= The voice then said whether to them or the departing ships was anyone’s guess. =/\= You may have ruined our plans this time Starfleet, but you cant protect all your claims! One day this system will be ours! And the deals struck by certain parties
on the planet below carried out! =/\= The male voice said. Implying it seems certain local colony members were ready to betray in someway their fellow colonists it seems to the Orions!!

Turning about the remaining ships lept to warp heading for Orion space as they left a shimmer around the ship showing some kind of image masking system shutting down revealing the Orion ships from the disguises they wore of Romulan warbirds.

Breathing a sigh of relief the Unity’s CO stood straightening his jumper. “..Stand down from battle stations, good work everyone unmasking that at the last moment. Not to mention that they didnt feel up to fighting once revealed still..” He said, then retaking his seat he said, clasping his hand, “..The question now is who did you meet below who could have profited from selling out this colony to the Orions? and Why?” he asked.

Myasnikov turned his chair around and looked at the CO. “Sir. When I was in the town meeting, there were definitive factions at odds with each other. From a psychological and sociological view, it would be completely reasonable for one of those factions to want power and seek out outside assistance gaining it. I bet, with the Security and Engineering’s assistance, we could set up a scenario where we made it so that whomever contracted with the Orions would expose themselves… Well, not ‘expose themselves’, but, you know, give themselves away.”

“Great idea Ensign. I don’t think it would be hard to contact them on a different channel and imitate the Orions.” She suggested from her station, “I think that Ensign Myansikov would be great at this.” She continued with a smile.

Myansinkov looked at the Lieutenant. “I’m not sure if I was just complimented… or insulted.” he said with a slight grin.

”..Do it then let’s get to the bottom of this oddity!” The CO said.

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Myasnikov shrugged and said “Okay, Captain. I’ll need the Security and Engineering Chiefs to meet up with, Sir. Can we use the conference room? The fewer people that know what we are gonna do, the less chance it’ll go sideways.”

Myasnikov, Helm / Science

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