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”..Do it then let’s get to the bottom of this oddity!” The CO said.

Myasnikov shrugged and said “Okay, Captain. I’ll need the Security and Engineering Chiefs to meet up with, Sir. Can we use the conference room? The fewer people that know what we are gonna do, the less chance it’ll go sideways.”

”..Whisper to the rear oft he bridge and clear out the NE’s if you feel the need..” The CO said. “..NE Helm bring us back to a standard orbit and drop us from battle alert..” He added.

“We can use the area near the back of the bridge here Ensign.” Marinna said, as she dropped the ship from battle alert. “I think the two of us can handle this.” She continued, as she turned her station over to an NE and headed to the conference area at the back of the bridge.

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MG CockRoach

Aatami moved to the back of the bridge and said “Ok. So we will need a believable scenario that would… encourage… the conspiring party to believe that they have the upper hand and that now is the time for a power play. Thoughts?”

Myasnikov, Helm / Science

“What about putting the ship in a high polar orbit, then broadcasting to the ground that we have left the system. We can try and use the same frequency that these fake romulans used.” Marinna suggested thoughtfully, looking at a nearby display.


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