Main Sim - Bridge - 2 Days Later

Posted March 2, 2019, 8:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Marinna Astid (Chief of Security) (Christopher Bennett)

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Elena listened to the announcement and as the department heads left she stepped in to take over at one of the Aux consoles.

Lina looked at the Captain from the Tactical Console. She had never really been assigned bridge duty before so she stood slightly more rigid than normal, her hand often resting on her trusty MACO phaser pistol. She gave her boss a nod as she arrived on the bridge. Instinctively she had moved her weight to her left leg as if to leave but when the Security Chief moved to the back Lina stopped herself. Looking back down at her duty Station for the moment.

Tanner spoke again, “..Alright folks gather around, lets get started..” He said giving everyone present among the senior staff time to finally assemble.

Aatami made his way over and leaned against a console. He wasn’t the most formal of aspiring officers, but he had a certain charm… or so he hoped.

Lina perked her ears so she could catch what they’d be discussing. In her experience fleeters rarely briefed quiety, at least not on the bridge

”..Alright folks let’s get started..” Tanner said keying up a panel with the picture of a large Class M world of Dovon II in the Dovon system about 2 days from here. First surveyed in passing by the Earth Merchant ship Bongo’s Pride. The system has only two planets, the first Dovon I being mineral rich but without any atmosphere to speak of. Dovon II being Class M has shown no signs of intelligent life but that’s why we’re going, for a more indepth scan of the system, and to track possible leads on Orion Pirate activity. Questions so far?” He asked.

“Does Star fleet have intel showing a possible pirate base in that system?” Marinna asked turning to the Captain.

”..Nothing definite just rumors and hearsay. So we’ll need to be on our guard when we get near. Our primary mission though is to survey it for possible colonial expansion..” Tanner replied.

“Any regular ship traffic through the system, sir? Or should we assume that anyone we meet is probably hostile?”

”..No known ship traffic is through the system, if we encounter anyone we’ll be cautious but not ready for a fight right away..” Tanner replied.

Aatami nodded and made a mental note to not fly the ship right up to an unknown vessel and say hello.

”..Any other questions?” Tanner asked.

GM CockRoach

“I’ll have my department run through some drills prior to our arrival Captain.” Marinna offered, “They could use the practice regardless.


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