Procedure for Designing a New Technology

All Technologies must have the following sections:

    Name of Technology

    This is the device's full technical name. If you have a nickname or abbreviation for it, you may put it in parenthesis after the full name. For example - Name: Really Stupid Device (RSD)

    Category of Technology

    This is the general area that your device falls into. The current categories we are using for tech are:

    • Armor - This covers both Hull Components and Hull Coverings, as long as it's a physical substance.
    • Weapons -- Phasers, Torpedoes, and other such devices used offensively.
    • Sensor Modifications -- Add ons and other devices to make sensors do new and more powerful sensors.
    • Shield Modifications -- Add ons and other devices to make new and more powerful shields.
    • Power Systems -- New devices and means of generating power for ships, bases, and outposts.
    • Propulsion Systems -- New methods of FTL, and sublight travel.
    • Miscellaneous Devices -- This is a catch-all to place anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.

    Description of Technology

    This would be the big area where you give the full description of the tech and what it does. This can be as long as you need, and can include other sections (for example, Configuration, Drawbacks, etc). Example - Description: This device, when activated, blows up the ship, and kills everyone, no exceptions. It is housed in the Flugaldorf Tube on Deck 3.14159265. It is 50,000 miles x 1 micron x Infinity, and is puce in color.

    Creator of Technology

    Simple. Place your name here. Example -

    Created by: Ensign I.M. Lame