Welcome to the GMD Mission Archive

The Gamemaster Department shall maintain a publicly accessible archive of the approximate start and end dates of all known missions, including the Gamemaster or Gamemasters involved and the CO or COs involved, for reference purposes.

The GMD Mission Archive (or just "Archive") is a central repository for past missions. Its purpose is two-fold:

The GMD Archive was established in 2003 by GM Director Larry Garfield in Edict Rouse-Deane #26, but it wasn't until February 2005 that the project was finally launched under the tenure of GM Director Sarah Hemenway. Larry Garfield, then serving as Librarian, was the primary developer responsible.

The Archive needs your input! If you are a GM, please send us the necessary information. It's also important to include a summary of a mission after it's completed. How do we know what cool stuff you did if you don't tell us?

The GMD also needs information on past missions from before the Archive went live. If you have any such information, please send that in as well!

Questions? Comments? Contact the Developer or GMDir, as appropriate.