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Amanda Noon, GM - 4 January 2011

GMM Recommendation

Comments: Krys is very able, very dedicated and a very good teacher. She has demonstrated her ability to bring on new folks in many areas of the club and I have no doubt she will do a brilliant job bringing on new GMs for the club.
Positive Attribute: patience, experience, dedication and stickler for details.
Negative Attributes: none

Larry Garfield, GM - 5 January 2011

Comments: I've known Krys for the better part of a decade, and she is without a doubt one of the most supportive and patient people I've ever met. If I ever find a member who is struggling I can just hand them off to Krys and she'll make a great poster out of them. I don't see why she wouldn't be the same way as a GMM.
Positive Attribute: As a GM, Krys takes her job seriously and has a surprising attention to detail. That includes details she doesn't know, which she makes sure to find out either by searching the right Wikis or asking the right people.
Negative Attributes: Krys is at times almost too nice for her own good. My only concern with her as a GMM is that I'm not sure she'd be able to fail someone who needed it.

Julia K, CO - 6 January 2011

GMM recommendation

USS Rogue, Fleet 2 (was not in the drop down!)

Krys has all a good GM needs, she posts regularly, her posts are proactive, imaginative and very well written. Her GM characters have real personalities which is consistent. Her sim has a consistent background. Her pace is medium to slow, but that fits well with my ship and my crew, since they do a lot of character development. I haven't posted with her as GM for a long time, but I know we will get on well with each other. Communication between us is excellent and we are on one page.
Positive Attribute: Reliability, experience, depth of IC GM characters
Negative Attributes: none

GMT Reviews

Larry Garfield, CO - 4 November 2008

Overall Recommendation: 30-day Extension

Positive Attribute: Krys' characterizations to date are good and overall convincing. Her activity rate is steady and healthy, which is more than I can say for much of the crew, myself included.

Negative Attributes: The mission has been rather slow to get moving, due in part to Krys, the CO, and the XO all having long LOA at the same time. That really hurt ship activity, and has made it hard to judge how Krys will do later in the mission once we get to the meat of it.

On the downside, Krys' technical background is, well, nothing to write home about. She's made a number of technical gaffes that probably won't affect the mission itself but do affect the realism of the setting, which for those who do know the technical details is very distracting. The mission appears to be a political one, which has unfortunately meant less to do for crew beyond the main command staff. Of course, the limited number of people who are not main command staff also plays a part there...

Amanda Noon, GMM - 13 January 2009

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: I always knew that Krys would be good at this, in fact when I received her exam to mark I was shocked that she wasn't already a GM. Senior at that. Krys is a very capable RPer and has shown that she will also make a very capable and very imaginative GM. I envy all those who will have time to sim with her as GM. May the gods have mercy on your souls.

Negative Attributes: I would like to give Krys a high pass, I am sure if crew problems, myself included amongst those hadn't made it impossible for her to move her sim along. She has dealt admirable with all the setbacks with cast and crew. See even in the negative comments I can't find any. Good Luck Krys, I hope you get this sim to it's conclusion toute suite.

Larry Garfield, CO - 8 February 2009

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: Krys is as a GM as she is as CO: level-headed, calm, on top of the situation, good attention to detail, proactive, and with a very Fleet Four sense of humor. She's still unsure of herself in some areas, but she's getting stronger in those as well and has shown that she is not afraid to seek out help when she needs it.

Negative Attributes: Her treknology knowledge still needs work, but whose doesn't? :-) The mission concept itself is really nothing new, but the execution so far has been first-rate, which is what makes or breaks a mission.