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Andrew Robinson, GM - 8 March 2009

Comments: Jared, despite having only recently returned to the club has more than proven his abilities. His posts are informative, entertaining and, more importantly, realistic. I can genuinely say that without his assistance and skill, I'd not have managed to end the sim on the Curie.

Positive Attribute: Jared is an outstandingly talented roleplayer with a keen eye for realism and detail.

Negative Attributes: Jared can, on occasion, play perhaps a little too much, taking things which could have been used by others. In a GM, this could lead to the GM playing with themselves rather than encouraging interaction with players.

Jason Y. Lee, GM - 30 November 2009

Jared is a very good and creative role player. Being the CE of the Curie, he has held his ground of being self creative without any underlings and plowing with creative posts to fix and/or create problems.
Positive Attribute: Enthusiastic drive and creativity.
Negative Attributes: None

David Fergusson, CO - 19 August 2010

I believe that Jared has all the necessary qualities to be a GMT - great imagination, maturity, flexibility, ability to spark off other events, reasonable, adaptable, fair.

Positive Attribute: Very regular posting/visiting pattern.
Shown that he is able to moderate other player characters actions.

Negative Attributes: I haven't known Jared long enough, or in a wide enough capacity to have observed any negative attributes.

, CO - 11 January 2014

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