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Russell Watt, GM - 1 March 2010

Time Served with GMT: 3-6 months

Comments: I definitely support Terry's efforts to become a GM and believe that she'll be a great addition to the GMing ranks of the club

Positive Attribute: - very creative
- always plays interesting characters
- high quality of posts

Negative Attributes: None that I can think of

Andrew Robinson, GM - 2 March 2010

Time Served with GMT: More than a year

Comments: Terry has, in the past year, demonstrated an outstanding ability to not only play a character believably and realistically, but also to call upon incredible sources of inspiration in developing that character not only on her own, but in conjunction with other players. This is a major asset to any GM and something that will stand her in excellent stead for a future career as a GM.

She is punctual, consistent, reliable and always thorough in her posting (a recent one liner aside). Her posts offer a depth and detail that make them something to look forward to rather than a casual scan. She can craft a side sim and development plotline with a critical eye to her own writing style and takes critique very well. An oustanding candidate and I would happily serve on any ship she GM's.

Positive Attribute: Consistent, imaginative, creative and thorough in her approach to a storyline.

Negative Attributes: Occasionally Terry can get a little too involved in her own storylines which has, from time to time, risked detracting from the main sim, but in a GM, other than the potential for accidentally excluding player characters, this is a valuable skill.

D Grisham, CO - 7 April 2010

Time Served with GMT: More than a year

Comments: I have enjoyed role playing with Terry. She is quick to pick up on nuances suggested and is very creative in her own right. Since joining STF and the Europa 18 months ago, she has been a regular poster and has jumped in many times with new threads to keep things moving. She is very approachable and through conversation, I believe she and I are interested in the same kinds of sims. I think having her as a GMT on the Europa will be a good partnership. We haven't had much luck in he GM department in the last year but I feel very positive about this one.

Positive Attribute: Terry posts every day. She is creative and has been telling stories all of her life. She was also a published author (one short story) before coming to STF so understands the discipline involved in keeping the momentum going.
Negative Attributes: None that I can think of.

, CO - 11 January 2014

GMT Reviews

Joe Fahey, GMM - 10 July 2010

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: Terry has provided probably one of the best sims so far that I have ever seen out of a GMT right off the bat. The Europa crew posting speed has seemed to increase with Terry as GM, and it was already at a Daily posting pace before she started.

Negative Attributes: None that I can think of. I think she might get bored trying to GM on a slower ship!

D Grisham, CO - 11 July 2010

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: Terry is doing well. She has come up with an interesting sim that we are really just getting into the heart of. So far there is something for everyone to do to get them involved. She reads and posts every day when real life is not getting in the way. She is open with her communication to me about any concerns she has for certain situations and asks for advice when she is not sure what Captain Bane has in mind for specific crew members, i.e. Shane Warwick. She has contacted other members of the crew to arrange parts of the sim instead of just throwing something at them without their permission. I admit there is still a lot of the sim to play out and things could change, but I have a good feeling about Terry's abilities.

Negative Attributes: None