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Emily Stephenson, GM - 29 September 2009

Time Served with GMT: 3-6 months

Comments: Helen is a great roleplayer and always has superb characterisation. She has a great use of NE's and is always involved in the sim. On a number of occasions I have seen Helen take the initiative and even help to develop the sim. I think she will make a wonderful GM, she is a talented and dedicated roleplayer and I would have her on my ship any day :)

Positive Attribute: Excellent characterisation skills and superb narrative posting.

Negative Attributes: I honestly can't think of any!

Andrew Robinson, GM - 29 September 2009

Time Served with GMT: 1-3 months

Comments: Helen and I have played together on several ships, but more recently she was aboard Entente for the last few months of my Entente sim. Her CTO character, indeed all the characters I've played with her are well considered, well built and her development posts show a keen intellect and a sharp imagination, exploring facets of the human condition that are the mark of any good writer.

I have little doubt that she will be an asset to the club as a GM and would easily enjoy playing on any ship she GM'd.

Positive Attribute: Helen has a keen mind and an ability to rapidly adapt to difficult or unexpected situations, an asset in any GM, particularly on the larger ships. Her imagination will undoubtedly conjure up well considered and complex sims.

Negative Attributes: A wonderful woman with a big heart and a bigger brain. The only speed bump I could see would be the occasional rash action that can throw things a little off, but experience will easily solve that one.

Symon Silvester, GM - 8 October 2009

Time Served with GMT: 1-3 months

Comments: Excellent roleplayer, sensible, talented, well organised. Frankly there is little about Helen that needs improvement.

Positive Attribute: Positive, friendly, hard working, talented, works well with others Negative Attributes: Occasionally gets the wrong end of the stick

GMT Reviews

Michelle Higdon, CO - 6 February 2011

Overall Recommendation: 30-day Extension
Positive Attribute: Helen's sim is exciting and has great potential for keeping us all on our toes. Her characters that she has devised for the sim are interesting and intriguing.
Negative Attributes: The sim has not gone very far since it started. We can go a week or more without an update from Helen and then it's just one post and another week before anything else happens. So far, no other departments besides Security and Command have been pulled into the sim. Posting on the Polaris has slowed some because of little to do in the sim. I think with more time, Helen could pull it off.

Julia K., GMM - 20 March 2011

Overall Recommendation: High Pass
Positive Attribute: Helen is extremely reliable, also when she can't post in declaring LOA in advance, she posts regularly and within limits if she is not LOA and she has extreme experience within STF and a vast knowlege in Star Trek Canon. She has a vivid and great imagination not only generally, but also within the ST universe and I'm sure she will think of the most exciting sims. She knows how to run a sim from experience and she knows what a CO wants and I'm very sure that with experience she will deliver 120%. Her posts are in depth but also with room for more improvement on background details and underlying storylines, but that comes with GMming experience. She has a GO for me most definetly!
Negative Attributes: The only thing she is lacking in her current sim is experience. The kind of experience that makes you react differently to certain situations. But as she gets that, she will do very well indeed.

Michelle Higdon, CO - 17 April 2011

Overall Recommendation: Fail
Positive Attribute: Helen's sim was well-thought out. Interesting plot line, interesting characters.
Negative Attributes: Sim moved way too slow. I understand Helen had several Internet problems but was never made aware of any of them. She did not involve all of the departments and I am not sure if that is because of the slowness of the sim or what but Security never got involved and neither did my MACOS. Other departments had to involve themselves. The sim was interesting but moved much too slowly. If she could extend it again it might get better but having already extended it once I don't know if that is possible.