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Ian Kerby, CO - 7 September 2010

I've found him to be forward thinking and engaging in his roleplaying with a good mind and the ability to pick up what is going on around him and run with it.
Positive Attribute: Observant, quick witted, keen.
Negative Attributes: Young and inexperienced in the club.

Katherine Dedul, CO - 14 February 2011

Relationship to GMT: Current CO
Time Served with GMT: 1-3 months
Comments: I took a chance on David when it came time to fill my Chief Engineer position on the Columbia and it has since paid off in dividends. He has been a real asset to the Columbia crew and his character is very well developed. He is imaginative, but keeps his imagination well within what can be realistically expected within Star Trek.
Positive Attribute: Shows no qualms in coming up with side sims when required to keep his engineering cadets posting. He's even coordinated with other department heads to include them with smashing results. He is also very open and works very well with everyone on the Columbia.
Negative Attributes: I really can't think of anything.

Joe P, XO - 14 June 2011

Relationship to GMT: Current XO
Time Served with GMT: 3-6 months
Comments: Since taking over the Columbia's engineering department, David has done an excellent job keeping everyone active and posting.

A specific example which illustrates David's potential as a GM is a rather elaborate side-sim he started where cadets had to deal with his character acting as a saboteur as part of an unannounced training exercise. The side-sim involved the entire engineering and security departments and kept them busy and entertained from February 2nd to April 4th of this year. It could have run longer if the class of cadets who were on the ship didn't have to graduate.

So, I heartily recommend David Hinkel for a GMT position.
Positive Attribute: Detailed posts, generally active, good side-simming, excellent character development, engages JOs in his department frequently.
Negative Attributes: He was AWOL once, but only because the entire ship had stopped totally dead. It's not really much of a negative, but it's the only one I can think of.

GMT Reviews

Matthew Kleinman, CO - 21 January 2012

Relationship to GMT: CO
Overall Recommendation: Pass
Positive Attribute: David's overall performance has been pretty good. Anytime that the crew needs something of him, he's pretty quick to respond. He's also helping to fill in spots where needed so that the sim can continue moving without a hitch.
Negative Attributes: There was only one point so far in the sim that I had to ask him to clarify when things are happening, but overall, I don't see many negative things about David as a GM.

Krystelle McLean, GMM - 21 January 2012

Relationship to GMT: GMM
Overall Recommendation: High Pass
Positive Attribute: I like David's sim very much. It is detailed and complex and easily involves all the crew. His grasp of Star Trek tech is good. I think he will make an excellent GM and look forward to seeing more of his work in other sims:)
Negative Attributes: Sometimes his writing can get a bit vague or confusing but with asked clarification he is more then willing to elaborate.

Matthew Kleinman, CO - 14 April 2012

Overall Recommendation: Pass
Positive Attribute: Overall, he had a great and well thought out sim. Very accommodating to the crew.
Negative Attributes: Don't really have anything negative about David.

Krys McLean, GMM - 14 April 2012

Overall Recommendation: High Pass
Positive Attribute: I am giving David a high pass. He has phenomenal talent as a GM. He did great in the wrap up phase which is one of the most difficult phases.
Negative Attributes: Nothing negative to say. STF is lucky to have David:)