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Larry Garfield, GM - 15 November 2010

Lindsay is an incredibly active and creative poster. She's been going gangbusters on 202 since joining, and is one of the shining beacons on the ship.

Positive Attribute: Her posts are consistently high quality, entertaining, and involve other characters. She also tends to try and get involved in other threads and involve other people, which are good attributes for a GM.

Negative Attributes: Not as much a negative attribute yet as a concern. Being a stellar, supportive role player doesn't always translate into doing so as a GM. I'd be concerned about her becoming too involved in the plot with her own GM characters. There's nothing about her to make me think that's a risk in particular, just a general concern from experience.

Emily Stephenson, CO - 20 November 2010

Lindsay is one of the most talented roleplayers I know. When I was first recruiting for the Vicky, someone recommended her to me and I asked her on board. From her first post I was a fan, her complex characters and intricate details make her writing fresh and exciting. Lindsay had to leave the Vicky for a while and I went a few weeks before I was begging her to come back which thankfully she did. She is truly a superb roleplayer and very reliable, I have no doubt she would make a fantastic GM.

Positive Attribute: Lindsay doesn't just create a character, she creates their life, their experiences, their history, something which is a rare gift in writers. Lindsay manages to draw people in to the characters and situations she creates with some of the best writing I have ever come across - I actually wept (as sad as that makes me sound!) when I read her first increadible post on the Victorious.

Negative Attributes: I honestly can't think of any, Lindsay has never let me down in her quality or frequency of posting.

David Wonderly, GM - 4 December 2010

I would have to say that Lindsay has really impressed me with her postings. She interacts with a crew with little going on and has the ability to work with people in a way that helps them become better at role playing. Since I have been simming with Lindsay I have known and I have looked forward to this day for a long time.

Positive Attribute: Lindsay pours her heart and soul into her posting and with her creative spirit she would make an outstanding GM.

Negative Attributes: Honestly I can't see any other then the possibility of getting lost in the details and loosing sight of the bigger picture.

Brandon Irvine, GM - 18 July 2012

Recommendation for GMM:

Time Served with GMM: More than a year

Comments: Linds is a great RPer and from what I've read about her in reports, a great GM. She's very keen on helping people be the best poster they can be and I'm sure she'd carry over the same attitude to mentoring GMs.

Positive Attribute: Excellent poster, near-flawless grammar and spelling with a good eye for details.

Negative Attributes: None :)

Krys McLean, GM - 27 July 2012

GMM Recommendation:

Relationship to GMM: Licensed GM

Time Served with GMM: 3-6 months

Comments: I also oversaw Linds GMT sim and it was a pleasure to watch. Linds is an incredible RPer and GM. In both capacities her concern is both with the health of the ship and the enjoyment of the roleplayers. She has a natural talent to inspire others and a willingness to help in any capacity. She is a natural leader that leads both by example and gentle suggestions. She would make a very good GMM.

Positive Attribute: Leadership ability, patience, understanding, and the ability to see ahead.

Negative Attributes: I don't think I have ever seen any negative attributes from Linds other then perhaps to take on more then she perhaps should. But even when she does she is very careful to be sure she meets all her obligations cheerfully:)

Steven Sigle, CO - 4 September 2012

Time Served with GMM: More than a year

Comments: Lindsay is brilliant, she is able to keep the crew posting and has fun and entertaining sims from it.

Positive Attribute: On task and works well with the crew and keeps it focused. Comes up with creative sims and is highly knowledgable when a CO may need assistance. Able to flow with the sims twists and turns and keep the sim on a direction she still had in mind overall even with high posting or slow posting spells. Works well with the crew and is able to answer any questions that am arise from helping to guide them when they have questions.

GMT Reviews

Krys McLean, GMM - 26 March 2011

Overall Recommendation: High Pass
Positive Attribute: USS Odin btw isn't in list so had to put original name of Merlin.

Linds has done a phenomenal job on Odin. One wouldn't know from reading that she is a GMT, she posts as an experienced GM. The crew has taken to her sim very well and posting and involvement is high.

Linds has proved she is very capable at keeping several threads going at once as well, a skill that usually takes a bit of time for a GM to pick up.
Negative Attributes: The only negative comment I would have is Linds sim doesn't show her ability with technical sci fi material so I can't really judge how she'd be with more complicated subject matter as that. But Linds has proven very capable of googling what she does not know so I am sure she is quite able to educate herself on the technical end of scifi.

Steven Sigle, CO - 28 March 2011

Overall Recommendation: Pass
Positive Attribute: She constantly keeps the sim going at the pace of the ship, and with a slower ship that is no small feat. She knows how to keep it going but not force too much.
Negative Attributes: none

Krys McLean, GMM - 6 September 2011

Overall Recommendation: High Pass
Positive Attribute: I give Linds a high, high pass. The sim was a very indepth one with a lot of humanity in it. It was well thought out and expansive to include the entire crew.

I was watching and concerned for her ability to tie up the sim well but she did a phenomenal job and has all the mechanics of running a sim down well.

I see a great future for Linds as a GM, welcome to the GM Department, Linds!
Negative Attributes: I know from talking to Linds that some of the crew may have been bored but that can easily be fixed in future sims by adding more action. This sim was more of an intellectual, people oriented one then an action sim.

Steve Sigle, CO - 6 September 2011

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: Lindsay came in with a clear objective, she wanted to get her story done and knew how to get it done. I can say it was the best sim the Odin had done since my taking over. She worked well with me she gave the crew hints and allowed them to work things out. I can say anyone would be lucky to have her on board there ship.
Negative Attributes: None