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TJ Morgan, XO - 2 February 2014

There are some people in life that make you want to try harder and are constantly pushing you to be the best you can be. - Harry Shires is this type of person.

I have had the good fortune to know Harry for a while in STF and have always been constantly impressed with his proactive nature, detailed posting abilities and attention to detail. - As I once famously told a crew, whenever I have been a CO or XO of a ship I have wanted Harry to be apart of the ship for two reasons: 1). because his role playing and creative abilities are phenomenal and 2). He is always available to help a crewmember out who is struggling and will work with them to get them back on track (whether that be IC or OOC).

In short, Harry is simply a great role player who would be an incredible GM and is someone any CO or XO would be lucky, and equally blessed, to have aboard their ship.

Positive Attribute: Proactive Posting
Attention to Detail
Amazing role playing abilities
Friendly and helpful manner

Negative Attributes: I honestly can not think of a single negative attribute for Harry.

Tyra Schroll, CO - 11 February 2014

Comments: Harry is very creative and likes to be very active on his ships. Harry is patient with new players and provides very good explanations when needed.

Positive Attribute: Harry is patient and enjoys writing in STF. He is very creative.

Negative Attributes: Harry really has no negative things that I can say. I think he will do well.

Kenson Koh, CO - 15 March 2014

Comments: Harry is a serious poster and has made a positive impact on the Aztec after he joined.

Positive Attribute: He is quick and creative.

Negative Attributes: Have yet to observe any negative attributes.

GMT Reviews

Julia K, GMM - 20 July 2014

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: Sim progression was handled perfectly. No challenges for him, a few tips from me, but those were tiny and not necessary as such. They were just the icing on the top.
No major improvements necessary, all he needs is more experience to do even more awesome sims.
He mastered things that few GMTs can handle on their own the first time, timing, thread splits, pacing, communication, balance, type of posts, fantasy, posting ethics, writing style.... all done very well indeed.
He even already started to spontaneously bring in the player's character development into the sim when it fit and the OOC communication between him, me and the CO was perfect as well. Right from the start he had a great 'feel' for the ship and the crew and what he could do and what not. Harry will soon be a top notch GM.

Negative Attributes: After thinking hard about it - none.

Jen Herr, CO - 30 July 2014

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: - What (if any) are the GMTs strengths as a GM.

Frequent posting and a high level of responsiveness, both IC and OOC.

Excellent attitude when accepting critique/questions.

Well written, detailed posts that often don't need clarification.

Has a plan and is executing it well.

Excellent at adapting overall.

Harry has done extremely well so far. I am particularly impressed with his responsiveness, creativity, and poise. It is obvious that he is well prepared as well, and he is not afraid to step into situations as a GM thus far. He is doing many things better than vetarn GMs that I've played with, though there are some specific areas where it is clear that he doesn't yet have the experience of a veteran GM. However, I am recommending a high pass because the issues that he has thus far appear to be from a lack of experience, and any issue I bring to his attention is dealt with promptly and with a positive attitude. I enjoy working with Harry, and even though he's a GMT I think I have less complaints about his sim and how he's running it than I have had with past GMs.

Negative Attributes: - How sim progression was handled.

Sim progression has been a work in progress. Harry has taken on an ambitious sim, with two away teams currently and a bridge thread. The good thing about this is that it has involved literally every crew member. The drawback is that it is very difficult to keep three threads running at about the same pace, which I think is something that Harry is now learning. He and I had discussions about sim pace. Initially I thought he was moving things along too quickly and not allowing players to fully explore certain aspects. It appeared that he was simply eager to move the sim along while we were still milling about doing some things... I find this to be a common challenge since the GM knows what's coming up, and knows that it is probably more exciting than what we as a crew are doing. However we as a crew don't know that and are often content doing what we're doing and moving forward at a less quick clip.

But I am impressed with how well Harry has handled feed back (on this point and overall). He adjusted pretty quickly to a posting pace that better matches the majority of the crew on the ship, and two of the three timelines are moving at about the same pace. One is lagging, but it is entirely not his fault.

- What challenges (if any) did the GM face in the course of the sim so far and how did they handle them?

Challenge as noted above adjusting to a crew's posting speed and trying to keep three timelines in synch.

Harry and I also had some communication issues at the begining of the sim. Most of that was my issue being unfamiliar with having a GMT (this is my first) and how to handle/treat them. We worked past it though and are communicating very well now. Communication between a GM and CO is a huge deal, and his handling of this issue was very professional and mature.

Harry has also been dealing with a crew member who seems to be doing everything possible to avoid playing in the main sim. I'm mentoring the player now behind the scenes, but I was hoping to see Harry step up and give the player more direction. Harry missed a couple of posts directed at him by this player though, when the player did try to engage in the main sim, so I think he could have handled this situation a little better. It's an evolving situation though, and I look forward to seeing how he continues to handle it. Harry seems to have an uncanny ability to learn very quickly from his mistakes and improve, so it really is actually exciting to see his growth.

- What improvements/adjustments would you recommend to the GMT?

Harry very obviously has a plan (not a bad thing). Keep in mind that being flexible is often key to a sim running well and players having fun.

Don't be in such a hurry all the time. Realize your pace may not be the same as everyone on the ship. However, don't take that to mean you get to rest and just post every so often. A responsive GM, one who is obviously reading the ship every day is so important and can make or break a sim. Reading and posting every day is different from keeping a proper pace though.

Be careful to avoid Godmodding. Players can't do it, and it seems like a GM should, but it really robs the fun when a GM does. Harry hasn't really crossed this line but he's come close.

At the same time, don't be afraid to take charge. Sometimes the GM has to step in and do random little things. Example: The away team sat on the ship for a few days because everyone said "energize" but no one actually pushed the buttons. But it wasn't really anyone's job to push the buttons since we don\'t have an ops player... so that is something the GM should do. Push the buttons and make the away team appear where they need to be.

Julia K, GMM - 1 February 2015

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: This is a High Pass, because Harry has done everything expected from a trained GM already in his GMT sim, he was pro-active IC and OOC and very open to constructive feedback which he accepted and had no trouble at all integrating it into his GMming.

- How sim progression and wrap-up was handled.

In the sim progression there were a few lengths in the sim, but they were in equal parts also caused by the LOAs of the crew and the slow posting rates of the Senior Staff at times. The great thing about Harry is that he recognized them on his own accord and asked for advice how to bridge them. He then put that into action and always with great success, and that makes a great GM - that he/she communicates and is open to feedback and capable of putting it into practice.

- What further challenges did the GM face in the later stages of the sim and how did they handle them?

Apart from the sim progression hitches I've mentioned above, there was a slight miscommunication OOC, but again, thanks to Harry's level temper and great communication skills, it quickly and easily was cleared up and in the end added to the sim story.

- What are the GMTs strengths as a GM.

Harry has a lot of strengths as GM, if I was to settle on the biggest three, it would be his great communication skills, the way his writing creates very vivid pictures in the mind and the depth of his GM characters.

- Anything else that is relevant.

Harry shows a love for the game and a great knowledge of Canon, if he continues GMming, he'll be one of the best!

Negative Attributes: - Where are they not as strong? And what improvements/adjustments would you recommend to the GMT for continued growth?

The only point I can think of for him to improve is the simming of the Showdown and the 'Aftermath' shortly thereafter, where the characters IC get their satisfaction from. So basically shorten the prelude a bit in favour of the aftermath, but that is also GM style, so it's really more of a Tip than a 'not-so-strong-ness'.

Jen Herr, CO - 9 February 2015

Overall recommendation: Pass

I recommend a pass. Even though his participation and activity dropped off as the sim progressed, which was disappointing, the sim stayed on track, was well thought out, and was well managed.

My advice would be don't bite off more than you can chew, and make sure all your details actually make sense in STF world before including them. My biggest sticking point was when Harry dragged some Star Gate technology answers into Star Trek, and we had a discussion about that. I hope I was able to drive the point home that while your inspiration can be from anything, you have to make it work in Star Trek.