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Amber DeSadier, CO - 17 August 2015

Time Served with GMT: More than a year

Comments: Luke is a very talented writer. He has a creative imagination and puts that to good use. Details are definitely important to him. His memory is impeccable. All in all, anyone would be lucky to have him leading the weaving of a story.

Positive Attribute: Talented writer, creative, organized, detailed, immersive

Negative Attributes: None

Krystelle McLean, GM - 18 August 2015

Time Served with GMT: 3-6 months

Comments: I have known Luke around the club for many years and rp'd with him on many ships. I think this is the first one that I have been in the command staff with him though. He is the CNS on the Endeavor where he plays a Vulcan Counselor which is a very difficult character to play well and convincingly. He does it in spades. He interacts and draws out all the prospective cadets well with this character.

Positive Attribute: Being CNS wasn't enough for me to consider how he would be as a GM though so I did some research into his other DH positions around the Fleets. He plays a XO, CTO, CNS, and CSO and his leadership roles in these positions are both very strong and creative. He leads well both mission and sidesim wise.

Negative Attributes: I haven't really seen anything so far that I would consider a negative yet for Luke. He shows an amazing aptitude for a variety of characters and positions as well as situations in both mission and sidesim sense. All necessary attributes for running a sim. He posts well in a variety of situations. So I think we should see what he can come up with sim wise to offer a ship and if he is capable of leading a crew through a story.:)

Julia K., CO - 18 August 2015

Time Served with GMT: More than a year

Comments: Luke is an STF Oldie, has been with the Genesis for many years and we've been on the ship together as COS and XO, XO and CO and since I've often been as GM on the Genny and GMM and CO/GM, I have often asked Luke to help me with parts of a sim. He has always done so perfectly, he is absolutely reliable, adheres to rules (and knows them), knows the responsibilities of OOC and IC leadership and writes great threads, he was destined to start GMming one day.

Positive Attribute: Reliablility, perfect posting etiquette, IC and OOC rule adherence, great knowledge of ST Canon, great writing skills

Negative Attributes: No negative attributes but Luke's challenge will be to cater for the emotional side of players and actually to understand players less perfect than him. I have no doubt he can do it.

James Harrison, GM - 19 August 2015

Time Served with GMT: More than a year

Comments: Luke is very creative and writes well thought out posts. He keeps well within posting limits and replies to posts promptly. Would be well suited for a fast paced ship with active RP'ers.

Positive Attribute: Creative. Engaging. Good grammar. Posts often.

Negative Attributes: None that I can think of

GMT Reviews

Julia Hager, GMM - 20 March 1997

Overall Recommendation: High Pass
Positive Attribute: In the sim progression there were a few troubles at the beginning. It took some time for the GMT and the CO to find together so to say, but that is not really unusual at this stage. Later it improved a lot and a mutually acceptable pace and progression was found. There were of course IC and sometimes OOC misunderstandings, but thanks to Luke's mature handling of these issues and his well-considered communication in OOC notes, they were usually resolved very quickly. I initially cautioned Luke to show more of an emotional side in the way he writes his GM characters, and he definitely did that.
He has also shown the patience necessary for each GM, and an almost perfect balance between patience and pushing forward. His posting etiquette and writing skills have already been top notch before he started the GMT training, as is his reliability. His GM characters quickly become real characters in the mind of the readers and he plays them in a way that makes interaction with them really enjoyable. He has an amazing Star Trek canon knowledge and great attention to detail, to a level that makes even me envious at times, especially when it comes to Engineering knowledge. With his STF experience of so many years and his excellent tenure as GMT, I can only give him a High Pass, without even a hint of exaggeration.

Negative Attributes: I can honestly find none.

Rob Jones, CO - 16 February 2016

Overall Recommendation: Pass
Positive Attribute: Luke has some really good writing skills, his posts are always well written and he explains things well, although sometimes quickly. While i haven;t seen the plan, get the feeling that it has been well structured and planned, and has a few contingencies in place. Even if they weren\'t in the plan, I think Luke would have no problem adapting to a change or problem that comes up during the sim.
Negative Attributes: I think Luke could do with slowing down a little, while his posts are well written and well thought out, some aspets of what has been could have been played out a little more and interjected with a few more dead ends, allowing the crew to find them and work them out and go back to the facts. The sim also has a lot of information in it, about the pirates that some of the crew were researching, I think while dealing with that amount of information, Luke could have kept a log on the motd with the facts he had given out (although the CO could also do this) but a gm motd update would have been good.
Extensions requested: With the co change, and how long it took, can throw him off, giving another 30 days for sam to settle and allow him to continue a bit further and show her.

Rob Perdew, XO - 28 February 2016

Overall Recommendation: Pass
Positive Attribute: Luke has done a nice job of including multiple departments to keep more people engaged and not just doing bridge posts. He has had to deal with the CO leaving early in the sim and has handled it well. Overall he has done well.
Negative Attributes: Making sure to tie things together or at least hint to that. He has done well with getting departments involved however make sure if it\'s related to the Main sim to label it that way if not it just seems like a random glitch which is fine if its not part of the main sim. Keep the flow going.

Samantha Haynes, CO - 3 March 2016

Ship: Viking
Fleet: STF7
GMT Name: Luke Hung
Relationship to GMT: CO
Overall Recommendation: Pass

Sim progression is being handled well, I think. The obstacle right now is probably me, as I'm having to shuffle-step to get my CO character on track. She's now up to speed, and is already getting departments in motion and handling business. We're entering the next phase, I think now.

A CO change in the early stages of the sim. Slow progression before that, which I believe was faulted upon others. They weren't providing much means for advancing the pace at the time.

I'm not sure about posting speed that the CO, and senior staff were working with for the pace, coming in late and reading all the catch-up since the start from months back. It gives no sense of RL time. - So he has resorted to advancing apace where he could, and handling other monkey wrenches and adapting on the fly.

So far, I feel he has handled with himself with aplomb. I did have to do some roster cleaning, and prodding for people to post. I have gained the impression from several talks that posting was a problem beforehand, and seems to be solved for the time being.

So far, I haven't seen a need for alterations. More time will be needed for this

I have rising suspicions. These things are good. He likes to play things close to the vest. He has a good sense for giving a decent flow of time, and I feel has a pretty solid idea of where to place things in the sim

Overall, I think Luke has been doing a good job. The sim is progressing, I can't wait to see what we're up against, even though plenty of people are miserable IC, and things are going wrong.

It's pretty standard fare so far, and I might be lulled into a false sense of predictability by looking at all the threads in one go. I'm working in a somewhat active capacity to help Luke get this show moving at a high rate of speed, as it has dragged for a while, but without sacrificing quality.

Negative Attributes: Weaknesses

Plays things TOO close to the vest. Repeats the same information. Is not terribly descriptive or featuring much characterization, this mostly in reference to Lt. Miller. She comes off as a parrot to pass out information. There is no expression, there's no coloring of emotion or thought process. My character is a telepath and empath and has been 'listening' to her.

Is she annoyed by having to repeat her information? Is she nervous about the virus on the ship? Does she hae a problem with the shift in CO's mid-mission under unusual circumstances? There's no 'tick' to her other than she's 'telling the truth'.

That's an assessment that is up to Gina to decide, unless Gina were to directly invade her mind. Lt Miller might /believe/ what she's telling Gina is true, which is different. And a lack of deliberate deception does not also make what she's saying true.

Just to clarify. Does her
mind wander, or is it laser-focused on the task at hand? Does she get hungry, is she tired? Do her feet hurt? - Sure not all of these details are needed, or even wanted, but a little bit, an extra line or two helps. Without it, I feel no real connection to the character, even though it's just an NPC.

As for playing things too tight to the vest, and repeating the same information, after asking Lt Miller back to the Ready Room to catch Gina up, I feel like, I learned precious little more for the effort, especially in asking questions /designed/ to provoke a flow of information. So, at this point the meeting was skippable.

I do also feel that the sim is fairly formulaic but this isn't a bad thing. Sometimes that's what you need to make a sim, and make one that runs decently.

Julia Hager, GMM - 1 August 2016

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: I give Luke a High Pass for the following reasons:
- His writing is excellent and it\'s great to read and it inspires participation through cleverly veiled suggestions on his side if necessary. He has the eloquence and the posting ethics necessary for a professional GM.
- His SIM was well thought out, well prepared and had the right amount of planning and detail necessary to be flexible within it, but still not to loose track. There was a healthy mixture of conversation and action, a bit of a mystery and a riddle to solve as well as a possible goal that could have been attained and that was worth fighting for.
- He has tried to involve all departments as much as possible and to keep moving things forward by giving tips or help where necessary.
- He has supported the players with catch-up info and cross-posting info and tried to keep every crew member on the same page
- He has been reliable in his posting and posted regularly as far as possible, while depending on the crew to post as well of course
- He has been open to constructive feedback and has worked on himself to improve with it, and he has done that very successfully, showing a lot of patience in situations where he would have reacted differently in other positions.
- He understands the responsibilities of a GM completely and knows how to live up to them.

He has brought the GMT-sim to an end now on my recommendation, because it is high time for him to be evaluated and decide for himself how he wants to move on as a JGM in STF.

Negative Attributes: I literally have no negative comments, Luke managed to work and improve the few areas where he could improve in his GMT time.

Rob Jones, XO - 8 August 2016

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: I would pass him. He did a good job of making the mission relevant and a lot of twists and turns along the way. The sim progressed well but the challenges of having the CO disappear stalled things out and obviously was the challenge that he had to overcome. He did communicate with me to move forward until a replacement was made. His strengths were his attention to detail and would things really be plausible in the Star Trek universe.

Negative Attributes: I think the sim had a lot more to offer and ended abruptly. Maybe because of the CO change but something to work on would be to lead the crew to where you want to go. Don't spoon feed them but also don''t be afraid to give a kick in the direction you want them to go to move the some along.