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Krys McLean, FComm - 7 March 2019

would like to submit my GMT recommendation for Sam Pennington. I have known Sam for several years now but lately have come to know him better being his FComm in Infinite Fleet. Sam has come a long way since he first joined STF and I very much have enjoyed watching his rp ability evolve. He is capable of creating interesting character and story lines. The only thing I think Sam needs more work on is confidence in himself. He has all the skills to lead a crew either in Command or GM role.

Gene Gibbs, GM - 2 April 2019

Sam Pennington is the fellow.

He has put together a pretty good sim idea and completed the course as you know.

His strengths is in the fact that as a writer of screenplays he an and has put in a good framework for story ideas and has a good idea of telling the story. His posts are creative and has undertaken well a difficult swing position on the Bonnie as a linguist. From talking to him and seen what he can do I can see that he has a good grip on the framework of a good story.

Drawbacks could be in the realm of just making sure everyone is busy, which is a challenge for us all. Getting the ‘idea’ of how a sim goes can come as a surprise when getting into the shark infested waters of jaded suspicious crew expecting a bug eyed monster behind every door or benign looking alien.

Cale Prendergast, CO - 9 April 2019

Seriously Sam is a great player with a lot of enthusiasm. His writing is great and his characters interesting. He has some confidence issues as a lot of us do. With support I think he would make an excellent GM and would do the club credit in that role

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