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GMT Recommendations

Andrew Robinson, GM - 5 March 2008

GMM Recommendation

Time Served with GMM Candidate: 3-6 Months

Dave has a strong sense of presence aboard a ship, pulling departments together, issuing tasks when things slacken and most importantly encouraging character development.

In my experience and my service with him on a number of ships, he's a strong candidate for GMM and any GMT who found themselves under his sheltering wing would do very well to feel safe and happy that they'll learn a great deal from him.

Positive Attribute: Dave has a strong sense of duty, compelling him to nudge people along, ensure everyone has something to do and provide for those who need assistance. He'd make an excellent mentor. He's a good teacher and does well to enforce posting guidelines within the ships he serves aboard in a command capacity.

Negative Attributes: From time to time, due to his commitments as a member of the United States Navy, Dave has had to withdraw without warning from STF, but since the IT department aboard his carrier has unblocked STF (See, we're seaward now :P) he's had no problems in keeping up with posting requirements.

Joseph Bradley, CO - 9 March 2008

GMM Recommendation

Time Served: 3-6 Months
Relationship: CO

Comments: Dave has been the GM of the Bonaventure since Novemberish or so and is always ready to help someone find their way into the sim. Great disposition, haven't had any complaint's of leaving someone out of the action. During my finishing up of Bret's sim, Dave jumped at the chance to keep the ship board crew occupied as I had trouble balancing out the two main plot lines.

Positive Attribute: Very imaginative sim outline's that involve the crews input. Mostly making a sim out of character backgrounds. Always ready to answer question's for prospective GM's

Negative Attributes: Serving in the U.S. Navy, Dave may be out of touch for a time. However, so far he's been able to let people know keep them informed of the sim plot.

Phillip Stonness, GM - 19 March 2008

GMM Recommendation

Time Served: 1-3 Months
Relationship: GM

Comments: I've been serving with David on board the Asimov for many months now. He's both a capable player and a capable gamemaster, and I fully believe he has the chops to be a GMM. I really believe he can help train more GMs, and they would be better for it.

Positive Attribute: He's a very talented GM with a talent for getting reactions out of the people on his crew, and it really is great. His posts are usually very well thought out and expressive.

Negative Attributes: His posting can sometimes be spotty due to his work, understandably so, but that shouldn't interfere with his job as a great GMM.

Linds Bayes, CO - 12 April 2011

For Advanced GM Status

I've had the pleasure of having Dave as a GM for several different sims in different places in the club. He's been the Athena's GM since Sept of 2010 and we have had the pleasure of kick-starting the Feet Wide Story Arc in Fleet 3. Now that another ship (the Atlantis) has been brought into it, things are even more interesting).
Positive Attribute: He has a wonderful gift for taking the crew's lead and going with whatever they throw at him. His sims are also always interesting and engaging. He also knows how to reward crew creativity and still throw curve balls to make you think!
Negative Attributes: None that really come to mind.

GMT Reviews

Tony Findora, CO - 12 April 2011

Relationship to GMM: Current CO
Time Served with GMM: 3-6 months
Comments: "For Advanced GM Status"
Positive Attribute: He's always got something up his sleeve and is always able to somehow incorporate other departments into his sim. He's a great storyteller and can definitely get the crew thinking a bit. There is almost something for everyone to do.
Negative Attributes: He was gone for quite a bit as of late, but I'm not sure how negative that really is. It was due to important RL issues, which I personally fine perfectly ok, however it did cause others to have to side-sim.