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Jody Romero, CO - 30 November -1

As I posted aboard the GM ship, Geoff Joosten has finished his sim aboard the Curie.

Geoff did a good job overall. He had interesting aliens with a unique (and annoying) social class structure. With his permission I will continue to use them in the future. He was also quick to roll with the punches when I took the sim on several wild goose chases and sim adventures during it.

As for some criticism, his sim was rather similar to one we had just had.
That's not his fault, as he didn't know, but he kinda lost some interest from some crew because of it. Also it limited play to a few central characters and I had to ask him to find things for the others to do when they weren't doing it themselves.

I would recommend him for GM advancement.

Jessica McClary, GMM - 2 November 2004

It is my considerable opinion that Geoff should be allowed to fly on his own. He has done really well with his sim, getting them started, working through an unexpected turn of events and keeping various individuals entertained. I feel that he has a good handle on what it means to be a GM.

Jody Romero, CO - 3 November 2004

Comments: Geoff Joosten would make a great bell boy somewhere because he can handle lots of baggage.

As CO of the Curie I asked Goeff to weave his story idea into a scenario set up by former GM's as to keep continuity within the ship. Geoff was willing to use some of his trial time to insure the crew had a seemless transformation between GM's.

Geoff has introduced the ship to a new race of paranoid, clean freaks who worship an entity named The Oracle. As we feel our way through this First Contact situation, it is clear that he has a firm idea how this race operates, their traditions, religion, and how they view those they have contact with.

Geoff has allowed the crew to indulge several wild ideas in response to the situations he places before them, which I find a mark of a good GM.
Positive Attribute: Geoff allows for players to use their creativity in problem solving and waits for the Command teams to issue the orders and have them carried out. In this way he is supportive of the players and their need to explore thir characters.
Negative Attributes: Geoff can sometimes give us too much room to grow. Too much time to come up with our own problem solving ideas.