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Brandon Irvine, CO - 29 June 2005

Comments: James is a very good RPer, and puts a lot of time into developing his characters. I think he will make a fine GM because this development of character will really benefit whatever plot he concots to torment the crew of his training ship.
Positive Attribute: Developer
Negative Attributes: Can vanish occasionally. Only does this about once a month though

Earl McCune, GM - 8 July 2005

Comments: James is an exceptional rp'er....I think the way he rp's his character that he could come up with some fantastic sims....If I may be so bold if he needs a mentor I would be honored to serve in that capacity for James.

Earl McCune

GM U.S.S. Nautilis

Fleet 2
Positive Attribute: Great rp'er,very good interaction with all character.

Negative Attributes: N/A

Troy Martin, GM - 16 July 2005

Comments: James has been a lot of fun to sim with. He's very enthusiastic and creative. In fact, I have build several aspects of my sims around his character, because of his ideas and his reliability. I highly recommend him for the GM training program. (And, I'd be willing to work with him on the Dresden if he needs a ship. I'm planning on stepping down from that ship, so it might make a nice transition.)
Positive Attribute: Creative and enthusiastic
Negative Attributes: He took one situation (which involved a sexual encounter) a little too far, making some people uncomfortable.

, CO - 9 August 2011

GMT Reviews

Randy Voet, CO - 14 November 2005

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: From day one James has proven himself capable of writing excellent proze. The posts are long enough without becoming boring. James keeps a tight reading and posting schedule and I don't think anybody up to this point has had to repost a message because it was missed by the GMT.

Negative Attributes: Characterisation is decent, though up to this point none of the NPCs really jump out as extraordinary. A slight negative comment would be the pacing. Little has really happened since the sim started. We were informed of our mission and have arrived at the last know location of the USS Blueberry, the planet Bartolias, where the senior staff was prompty invited for a dinner with the royal family. Hints have however been dropped to one of the players about multiple disappearances, but besides showing a polite interest in the Bartolian race and technology and trying to act as perfect diplomates the staff have had little to do.

Troy Martin, GMM - 15 November 2005

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: James has done an excellent job in creating an interesting sim and keeping everyone involved. His enthusiasm is infectious. I believe that he has made the Dresden a stronger ship.

Negative Attributes: He made one minor mistake, which was to have all senior officers on an away mission while there were only a few junior officers on the ship when an invasion of the ship occurred. However, all worked out well.

Mike Montemayor, CO - 21 January 2012

Relationship to GMT: CO
Overall Recommendation: High Pass
Positive Attribute: James runs a very detailed sim with a sim outline sent out by email prior to the start of the sim. He can get the entire crew involved not just the CO. Over all, he gets a high pass from me. Oh and my ship formerly the Columbus is now the Thor ;p
Negative Attributes: Like the rest of us, James could probably use more technical Star Trek how things work knowledge. But . I'd give a 30 day extention just for him to finish this sim up.

Krystelle McLean, GMM - 21 January 2012

Overall Recommendation: Pass
Positive Attribute: USS Thor. I think James has done very well with this sim. It has been active and included all departments and given the small crew of the Thor he has handled it very well. Smaller crews can be a challenge to sim for but he hasn't seemed to have any trouble with it.

I think his sim was well thought out and prepared and that is why he has done so well this time around. His characters are realistic and interact with the crew well.
Negative Attributes: Like all of us, David is still learning Star Trek tech but he does very well with what he has. With this sim he took more time to prepare his tech so it has worked better:)

Krys McLean, GMM - 4 October 2012

Overall Recommendation: High Pass
Positive Attribute: USS Thor
James gets a high pass even though he had to eLOA due to life's circumstances. His GMT sim was phenomenal and included the entire crew and kept them on their toes. Even at the end he was wrapping up his threads well. I envision any ensuing sims and ships he chooses to GM as doing well. Good job, James:)

Negative Attributes: I would have liked to see James handle his sudden eLOA a bit better but we all struggle with such things. :)

Mike Montemayor, CO - 5 October 2012

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: James did a very detailed sim notes at the start and had a very intriguing story line about weapons from the Future falling into the wrong hands.

Negative Attributes: He had to take an 8 week LOA due to r/l stuff going on. Aside from the main mission set up for the away teams, more ship crew interactions are needed. And he should make allowances for players who have charcters with teleptahy and empathy.