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Sarah Hemenway, CO - 12 January 2007

Submitter Name: Sarah Hemenway
Submitter Email:
Ship: Atlantis
Fleet: STF3
GMT Name: Russell Watt
Relationship to GMT: Current CO
Time Served with GMT: 6-12 months
Comments: I've served with Russell since the day he joined STF and I
have never been unimpressed by a post that he's made. He's an active,
reliable role-player who takes care to make sure that everyone is having
as good a time as he is.
Positive Attribute: Reliable, active, imaginative, detailed, the kind
of person you just enjoy being around
Negative Attributes: May take on too much at times

Jack Dipper, GM - 13 January 2007

Submitter Name: Jack Dipper
Submitter Email:
Ship: Columbia
Fleet: Acad
GMT Name: Russell Watt
Relationship to GMT: Licensed GM
Time Served with GMT: 3-6 months
Comments: Russell shows great potential to be a good GM. He has come
far in STF over the past few months. His posts are always enjoyable to
read, and are of good length and quality.
Positive Attribute: Regular poster with high quality posts. Rarely, if
ever, AWOL.
Negative Attributes: The only negative point about Russ is that he
doesn't seem to have any!

Symon Silvester, GM - 25 January 2007

Time Served with GMT: 3-6 months
Comments: Russell is simply the finest and most talented roleplayer
that I have ever seen in STF. He is committed, enthusiastic, caring, good
natured, witty and has great initiative. It is an honest pleasure to
read everyone of Russ's posts.
Positive Attribute: Thinks on his feet, the quality of his posting,
caring, good sense of humour, believes in a positive atmosphere, fun,
initiative, honest, enthusiasm.
Negative Attributes: Probably that he spreads himself on too many ships
to maintain the levels and standards he has set himself consistently.

Gene Gibbs, GM - 22 January 2011

GMM Recommendation

Comments: I've served with Dek since virtually my whole tenure of my time in STF. At that time I was in the role of Cadet and Dek as a mentor DH. From this time I've seen Dek in roles that involved helping others, some whom could be termed 'longsuffering' and 'persevering'.

As so much of what I've seen Dek do is that of a mentor role in some way I would say that this is a natural extension of his abilities and that Dek would fit into the GMM role well.
Positive Attribute: In his mentor roles Dek has been exemplary. He has expressed patience and good judgment in his mentorship roles. Given that he had mentored me I could say that patience was definitely in the stars there. :)
Negative Attributes: The only thing that I can write here on a negative has been that Dek has had LOA's periodically that in a GMM role could make things choppy. While it is just a mentor role I am sure that these things could be overcome with some reading and catch up.

Dave Wonderly, CO - 29 January 2011

GMM Recommendation

I have worked with Dek as a GM for a long time now. He has always been quick to help. Sitting down and explaining things and love to help new people as much as possible.

I fully support his for GMM as I think he has a lot to offer to a GMT.

Sy Sylvester, CO - 1 February 2011

Time Served with GMM: 3-6 months
Comments: Dek/Russ is one of the finest roleplayers there is. He has talent, a sense of humour and is patient. He has always been incredibly supportive to those around him and is an excellent teacher.
Positive Attribute: Kind, caring, funny and supportive
Negative Attributes: Sometimes can be a little highly strung

, CO - 10 May 2013

, CO - 11 January 2014

GMT Reviews

Kenson Koh, GMM - 26 March 2008

Overall Recommendation: 30-day Extension

Positive Attribute: Russell has the capability of holding a complex sim together. So far he has kept the interest high and had enough subplots to keep the various departments occupied. He is also very prompt to provide details for each scenario as it unfolds.

Negative Attributes: The plot for the sim is demanding and I have not had the opportunity to see how Russell would tie up the loose ends of the sim as it reaches its ending. Russell also tends to be wordy in giving details. His long posts is double edged. Some may find the detailed accounts valuable for understanding the scene. There may be some who find the long posts tedious to read.

Geoff Joosten, CO - 3 April 2008

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: Russ is one of the best and most artistic GMs that I know. I know that he will be highly sought after because of the level of depth, dedication, an imagination used in his sim and to his sim.

Negative Attributes: The only reason he got a pass over a high pass is because he took a month off (about the same time Jim Hosick and My real lives also interfered) leaving the Endy leaderless. He tried to continue the sim but then his posting tapered off until recently when I returned.

That isn't his fault, but it is something that should be kept in mind.

Kenson Koh, GMM - 5 May 2008

Overall Recommendation: Pass

Positive Attribute: Russell has a very good imagination and a good grip of the sim he had planned out. He was able to make good posts and keep the crew interested in the sim.

Negative Attributes: He may have to try to shorten his posts. Long posts may be good once in a while but when it gets too often, some crew may find it a chore to get through all the words.

Geoffrey Joosten, CO - 9 May 2008

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: One of the most engaging sims I have ever partaken in.

Negative Attributes: Sometimes I think Russ develops sims so large that he needs to break them up