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Geoff Joosten, GM - 31 January 2008

I give my full support of Joe going through the training. He is a good, fair man with a good concept of pace of play. He will do well.

Geoff Joosten

Symon Silvester, GM - 31 January 2008

Time Served with GMT: More than a year
Comments: Great poster, intelligent, hard working. Joe has leadership potential in abundance.
Positive Attribute: Hardworking, intelligent, excellent poster. Kind, caring.
Negative Attributes: I hate to say it but his spelling and grammar is a mess and it can make his posts very difficult to read at times.

Melissa Bradley, CO - 31 January 2008

Time Served with GMT: 6-12 months
Comments: I serve on three ships with Joe. The one that makes me think he would be a great GM is the last 2 months where he was made CO and the GM was on LOA. He kept the SIM going and brought the Bonnie back to life.
Positive Attribute: Tries to give everyone something to do. Is very creative in posting. Does very detailed post.
Negative Attributes: Married to me

Ton Geurts, CO - 18 February 2008

I want to recommend Joe Bradley for a GMT position. I stepped down on Jan 31, 2008 as CO of the USS Rogue, but till that day I have been able to admire Joe’s work. As CoS Joe has proven to me to be a brilliant role player who managed the role play in his department perfectly. Whenever there was too little work for his JOs he started a side sim to keep them occupied. These side sims made sense to the ship and the main story. Joe made sure everyone was busy. When players from other departments were joining in Joe made sure they fitted in. His creativity, drive and eye for detail makes Joe a real asset to the GM corps of STF. You should feel honored he wishes to join :)

GMT Reviews

Joe Fahey, GMM - 24 May 2008

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: Joe has done an excellent job as the GM on the Draco. In fact, if I hadn't been assigned to him as his GMM, I would not have known that he was a GMT, such was the excellence of his sim.

Negative Attributes: None that I can think of.

Gene Gibbs, CO - 24 May 2008

Overall Recommendation: High Pass

Positive Attribute: Joe was a creative and present GM. I qualify 'present' as being in there several times a week to interact and answer the posts. As such he kept the pace high and interesting with most of the crew with things to do.

His posts were detailed and creative and his sim background showed good thought put into it, equipped with twists that needed thought and innovation to fix.

Negative Attributes: He may want to run some of the longer posts through a spell check as the odd word change got confusing here and there.

Joe may have to take a breath and relax on ships that are slower paced. On Draco which was faster paced, Joe's pace was in places quite speedy and potentially outpaced some of the moderate posters.