19 April 2015 - 6 July 2015
Commanding Officer Executive Officer Gamemaster
Steve Johnoson
11 August 6000 - 6 July 2015
11 August 6000 - 6 July 2015

Mission Summary

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A distress call come into the Chimera from the USS OBrien. It has been hit by some kind of space anomoly and is being drained of power. The ship is carrying PTSD patients to Medical facility near Klingon Empire. The Chimera heads to answer call and is hit by some type of energy wave. Upon launching a probe and scans the Chimera is hit by same energy wave again. It seems sentient and to be reacting to all contact with it. The ship begins to be pulled in by wave. While researching was taking place on wave Katy's sim ended by Steve. 834385

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