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About The STF Map

The STF Map is a non-normative reference for GMs and RPers alike. While a 100% canonical map is impossible, we can approximate. All members and GMs are encouraged to use the Map as a reference to help determine where they are in the galaxy, and who is nearby.

The purpose of the STF Map project is to add to the realism and depth of the STF Role-Playing environment by creating a stellargraphy (geography in space) that is unique to each Fleet. By encouraging a Fleet to develop its own stellargraphic character, it provides a consistent backdrop for GMs and role players to build upon, which creates more vivid, interesting missions and stories. The Map includes both canon and custom entries approved by the GM Department.

This map is a non-normative Recommendation. That is, GMs and RPers are strongly encouraged to follow the guidelines of the map, but the locations here are not absolute law. Just because a given Fleet doesn't include Risa does not mean that the ship is forbidden from stopping by for a vacation. But if a Fleet is on the other side of the Federation from the Romulan Empire, GMs should refrain from having ships in that fleet sneak across the Neutral Zone in the course of a mission.

When in doubt, contact the Cartographer.

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Versions of the Map

In order to reach the widest possible audience, the STF Map is available in multiple versions.

Interactive SVG

The official, definitive Interactive STF Map is maintained as a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) image. SVG is a powerful XML-based format for defining vector-based graphics with extreme precision. Vector-based graphics allow for far more precision than raster, or bitmapped images such as .gif, .png, and .jpg, and can be easily zoomed and panned. Because it is built in text-based XML, it can be edited by anyone, without requiring people to purchase expensive editing programs such as Macromedia Flash, and can be defined with far more precision.

Unfortunately, SVG is still a new technology, and while support for it is growing it is not universal. At present, support for the Interactive components of the STF Map is available only in Internet Explorer 5 and above using a free plugin from Adobe. The plugin is free and easy to install. It also works in Netscape 4.x, but there are several bugs. Mozilla and Netscape 6.x users will need to take a few extra steps to get the plugin to work, but it is well worth the effort. Opera users will be able to see the image, but it won't be interactive.

As support is added to more browsers, we'll keep this information updated.

Static Images

For those who can't get the interactive version to work, the Cartographer's Office has also provided a series of static images in JPG format. These should work for everybody, but isn't anywhere near as cool as the Interactive version. :-) It is available as one huge image, or as a series of piecemeal images.

Historical Maps

The Interactive STV SVG Map is not the first iteration of STF cartographic fun. In fact, it's the heir of 5 years of volunteer maintenance by Larry Garfield, based on the events of the first Fleet Four Fleetwide. A complete history of the STF Map and older versions of it will soon be available online, for reference and time wasting. Also included will be a discussion of how the map was created, and the difficulties in Star Trek cartography.

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