Hammer of Thor

A voyage of the USS Thor from June 19, 2010 to June 20, 2011

Sim Type


Mission Personnel
  • CO: Mike Montemayor
  • XO: Robin Bird
  • GM: Krystelle McLean
Mission Summary

Mission Summary: Begun by Cordell Garrett the USS Columbus was thrown into the Sombero Galaxy through investigation of an anomaly. Garrett left suddenly and CO Mike Montemayor eGM'd until I said I would step in to finish out the sim.

The Columbus ran into an odd technically advanced scout ship with two Agents aboard from an advanced civilization in the Sombero galaxy. These gallant gentleman offered to assist the Columbus in repairs from damage sustained in the travel through the wormhole.

While traveling with the Columbus and assisting in repairs the crew ran into another Starfleet ship in the area, the USS Thor captained by CO Michaels.

They were severely damamged from running into pirates that plagued the region. So now instead of assisting in repairs on one ship the Agents and crew were now repairing two ships.

The Columbus too the Thor in tow and began to head to the Agents planet where more advanced repairs and perhaps a way home were offered.

On route the two Starfleet ships were ambushed by 10 of the pirate ships that were similar to the ones who had attacked Thor. In the altercation the Columbus was lost and exploded but fortunately the majority of the crew were saved aboard the Thor. Though the pirate ships were vanquished and the survivors driven away.

Together the crews from both ships oversaw the repairs on the Columbus and the CE and the Agents came up with a way using a nearby supernova and the deflector dish to create a wormhole to similar specifications to the one that brought them there.

Upon successful creation and entering the wormhole the USS Thor exited out into the Alpha Quadrant and returned home. Amazingly and through some quirk of space/time they had returned to the exact spot and time as when they had left.

They were also mysteriously minus the two Agents that had assisted them. Was it all a dream?

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