Big Tribble in New Shanghi

A voyage of the USS Saracen from Feb. 29, 2012 to Aug. 29, 2012

Sim Type


Mission Personnel
  • CO: Clint Green
  • XO: TBA
  • GM: Tyra Schroll
Mission Summary

The Saracen was called to the Colony of New Shanghi to help figure out what was happening to their crops. After investigation, it was found that genetically altered tribbles had taken up residence on the colony, but it was unclear where they had come from. Once the Klingon's found out about it, they sent a ship to level the colony, but were stopped by the Saracen.

In a confrontation at the caves, it was learned that the Liquidator (Landlord of the colony) had hired a geneticist to alter the tribbles and make them reproduce faster and be more aggressive. It is learned that the only way to get rid of the tribble is to put them in a deep freeze or expose them to space.

With the tribbles gone, the colony secured and now under their own ownership, it was time to celebrate the Peach Festival and allow the crew of the Saracen to relax and enjoy some home cooked food for a day or two.

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