A Viking Visit to Candy Land

A voyage of the USS Viking from Feb. 16, 2013 to June 22, 2013

Sim Type


Mission Personnel
  • CO: Bob Spicer
  • XO: Marthese Bugeja
  • GM: Tyra Schroll
Mission Summary

The Viking was sent on a diplomatic mission to a small planet that is famed for it's food, sweets, pastries and cheese and other foods. The crew soon finds that things are not what they seem. During transport, there is an unauthorized boarding and the crew are being effected in different ways.

The away team soon finds themselves battling baker zombies, pepsioids, marshmallow harpies and chocodiles and a river of chocolate. The main villian is the cotton candy rescue the king and his entourage. Just when they think it's over, they come face to face with a rock candy golum that is subsequently defeated.

The intruders turn out to be a shape shifting alien that is looking for sodium and as they leave the ship, they take all of the salt that is on the ship with the exception of the IV fluids

In gratitude for saving their king, the people of the planet bestow many treats on the crew, including several crates of fresh made jelly beans for the Captain.

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