Assimilate This

A voyage of the Outpost 45 from March 5, 2013 to Oct. 13, 2013

Sim Type


Mission Personnel
  • CO: Dean Inglis
  • XO: Drew Diamond
  • GM: Tyra Schroll
Mission Summary

OP 45 was first attacked by the Letheans, who wrecked havoc with the civilians and ended up seriously injuring the former Captain. That was just the lead up to the Borg invading the outpost. Fortunately for the crew of the Outpost, the Borg cube that arrived was disorganized and they crew of the Outpost were able to defend against it. The crew captured approximately 12 borg drones that are being sent back to San Francisco. Four of the five Admirals were seriously injured in the attack and are now being sent back to recover.

The Outpost has some repairs to make and they have gained two cruisers that have now been assigned to patrol the Flarn Border to prevent further incursions.

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