That Which Once Was

A voyage of the USS Endeavour from March 8, 2017 to Sept. 17, 2017

Sim Type


Mission Personnel
  • GM: Tyra Schroll
Mission Summary

The Endeavour was called to a far out Starbase to have emergency upgrades to the ship. While at dinner, Admiral Nakurita is killed or commits suicide and there is an explosion at one of the docking ports containing another ship. This leads to a series of other explosions that cripple the Star Base and it\'s learned that the Admiral had been involved all along and attempted to redeem himself at the end by telling the crew of the Endeavour how to defeat the attacking Xindi and disarm the bioweapon that was on the ship. In the end, the Endeavour is able to repel the Xindi attack, stop the bioweapon from acutally exploding and help with recovery until the calvary arrived and they returned to the Academy for Debriefing.

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