The STF Awards: July 2006

Award Director Jen Herr

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Table of Contents

Best Ship Class
Best Ship, Base, or Planet MOTD
Best Fleet MOTD
Best Department MOTD
Most Promising Newcomer
Best Use of NEs
Wackiest Character
Best Alien Characterization
Most Creative Poster
Best Mission
Best Junior Officer: Engineering and Medical
Best Romantic Couple
Best Junior Officer: Science
Best Junior Officer: Security
Best Swing
Best Counselor
Best Department Head: Engineering
Best Department Head: Medical
Best Department Head: Science
Best Department Head: Security
Best Gamemaster
Best Executive Officer
Best Commanding Officer
Best Base or Planet
Best Ship
Best Fleet
Most Valuable Player
Best STFer


* Sloth cues the theme music

Sloth: Welcome! To the 4th Annual STF Awards

Sloth: These awards are traditionally called the Emmas, in honor of our top award recipient... it's also a cool pun

Sloth: We will try and have some special guest performances, but I'm not sure

Sloth: During the awards, please let them be read without interupting... or else I will have to m the channel!

Sloth: Lets begin, and give a round of applause to our assistant... Sarah!

Best Ship Class

eagle15: Ok, our first award is best ship class!

eagle15: The nominees for that award are:

eagle15: Maverick

eagle15: Pendragon

eagle15: Discovery

eagle15: Trafalgar

eagle15: Kansas

eagle15: Viking

Rawhide: claps

eagle15: And the winner is...

eagle15: The Discovery-class!

Sloth: Unfortunately Mike Bourdaa can't be with us today, but the club will accept this award on his behalf

Sloth: next we get the lovely british accent of Jack!

Best Ship, Base, or Planet MOTD

* Dipper|Work clears his throat

Dipper|Work: And the next award is the best Ship, Base or Planet MOTD

Dipper|Work: And the nominations were...

Dipper|Work: Genesis

Dipper|Work: Polaris

Dipper|Work: Oed V

Dipper|Work: Valkyrie

Dipper|Work: and the Bonaventure

Dipper|Work: And the winner is

* Dipper|Work opens the envelope

Dipper|Work: oww, paper cut

* Dipper|Work grumbles

Dipper|Work: Polaris

Dipper|Work: is the winner

Best Fleet MOTD

Sloth: The next award is the best Fleet MOTD!

Sloth: The nominees are....

Sloth: Fleet 1

Sloth: Fleet 4

Sloth: Fleet 5

Sloth: and Fleet 7

Sloth: and the winner is....

Sloth: Fleet 7!

Sloth: and here's Chris

Best Department MOTD

ChrisJ: The next award is Department MOTD

ChrisJ: The nominees, in no particular order are:

ChrisJ: cademy

ChrisJ: Academy, rather

ChrisJ: GameMaster Department

ChrisJ: Personnel Department

ChrisJ: and Engineering Department

ChrisJ: and the winner is:

ChrisJ: The Academy

* Dipper|Work goes up to get the award

Sloth: speech!

Dipper|Work: ok, I'll give you a speech

Dipper|Work: As you know my speeches are often short

Dipper|Work: So, in conclusion, I'm actually changing the Academy MOTD next week

Most Promising Newcomer

Rawhide: Joel goes on stage

Rawhide: The next award goes to the

Rawhide: Most promising New member

Rawhide: The nominees are....

Rawhide: Steven Scheckenberger

Rawhide: Chris Perry

Rawhide: And Joel Diaz

Rawhide: And the winner is....

Rawhide: Joel opens the letter

Rawhide: Joel Diaz

Rawhide: That's Me

Best Use of NEs

eagle15: Anyway, the next category is the best use of NEs.

eagle15: The nominees for this are Emma, Andy, Geoff, and Jen.

eagle15: Otherwise known as Cakegirl, Wolfie, Wombat, and Sloth.

eagle15: The winner of this award is...Cakegirl!

eagle15: Uh, Emma.

Sloth: Emma's not here because she's killing people

Sloth: go figure

Wackiest Character

* Dipper|Work steps back on the stage

Dipper|Work: Yes folks, it's me again. This time it's the Wackiest Character

Dipper|Work: The nominations were:

Dipper|Work: Monty the Python (aka Larry)

Dipper|Work: The President (aka Jen)

Dipper|Work: And Octavius (aka Sy)

Dipper|Work: And the winner is Larry, who just decided to ping out

Sloth: This was one of the closeist categories, with the second and third place nominees being just two and three votes behind!

Best Alien Characterization

ChrisJ: The next award is "Best Alien Characterization"

ChrisJ: And the nominees, in no particular order are:

ChrisJ: Krys B. for her portrayal of Tariki

ChrisJ: D. Grisham for her portrayal of Fin

ChrisJ: Stephanie Lowe, for Jira K'Marr

ChrisJ: and Robert Burnham for Equality

ChrisJ: and the winner is:

* ChrisJ fumbles with the envelope

ChrisJ: by a difference of one vote,

ChrisJ: Krys Bromilow

ChrisJ: defeating Steph

Sloth: Krys is not here today, she's most likely cleanin gup after her children

Most Creative Poster

Rawhide: The next award goes to

Rawhide: the most creative poster

Rawhide: the nominees are

Rawhide: Stuart Coll

Rawhide: and

Rawhide: Brian Olinski

Rawhide: This was a very close one

Rawhide: the winner is

Rawhide: Opens the envelope

Rawhide: Stu

Sloth: Stu is not here because.... he's, well not

Best Mission

eagle15: The next award is for the best MISSION.

eagle15: The nominees are:

eagle15: "The Hypocratic Oath" by Julia K.

eagle15: "Paradise Lost" by Stuart Coll

eagle15: "Gateway to Gammath" by Andrew Robinson

eagle15: The winner is Stuart Coll for "Paradise Lost".

eagle15: Yay, Stu!

eagle15: He won by one vote over Julia.

Best Junior Officer: Engineering and Medical

Sloth: I have an announcement

Sloth: I boo booed up the JO categories

Sloth: and allowed non JOs into some of the categories


Sloth: I had to eliminate the Eng JO and Med JO categories

Sloth: because the only people eligible were non JOs

Sloth: except for one person

Sloth: Lets give a round of applause to Mark Womack though, who was voted best Med JO

Sloth: and Lou Gasco, who was voted best Eng JO

Best Romantic Couple

Sloth: I also have a montage of all the romantic couples that were nominated to play...

Sloth: unfortunately none of them but one got more than 2 nominatinos, and only one got 2 nominations, so we didn't get that category

Sloth: Okay, everyone turn on their MP3 player or CD player to some sappy love music

Sloth: Nataani Jaidian, and Scott Rohan played by Tara and Stu....

Sloth: Other highlights include Chris and Tara Taylor, played by Chris T and Tara... they have a kid and subject all us Monty doers to mushy mush

Sloth: Then there is Katelyn Jacobs and James Henly, played by Sarah and Sy

Sloth: Then there's Sy Silvester and Jira K'Marr... played by Sy and Steph

Sloth: Toryn Jorel and Sage Brennan... played by Brian and D

Sloth: and finally... Adalardo Dunadas and Amethyst Harreld... by Claytong and Mandy

Sloth: Er, Clayton

Sloth: there were other nominees but I just can't fit them all into the montage ;)

Sloth: congratulations to all the romantic couples who make STF surely sappy and hormone driven!

Best Junior Officer: Science

ChrisJ: Up next is Best Science Junior Officer

ChrisJ: And the nominees, in no particular order are:

ChrisJ: Terry Sullivan

ChrisJ: Stefan Hager

ChrisJ: and Adam Hendricksen

ChrisJ: and the winner is;

ChrisJ: Stefan.... who is in France tormenting the frogs

Best Junior Officer: Security

WoMP: And the next Catergory is ..............

WoMP: Best Security JO

WoMP: the nominees are

WoMP: Drumroll please!

WoMP: Cale Reilly

WoMP: Jerome David

WoMP: and

WoMP: Mike Eaverts

WoMP: and the the winner is......................

WoMP: Cale Reilly!

Sloth: speech!

Cale: eep no speech cale..having heart failure

Best Swing

eagle15: The next award is for the best swing!

eagle15: Swing position, not swinger. :P

eagle15: The nominees are:

eagle15: Katherine Dedul, Joe Fahey, Symon Silvester, and Christopher Bennett!

eagle15: The winner is...

eagle15: Symon Silvester. :)

Best Counselor

Sloth: The next award is for the best Counselor!

Sloth: We might all hate those psych evals, but there are some that can get inside our heads quite well ;)

Sloth: The nominees are....

Sloth: Jack Dipper

Sloth: Sarah Hemenway

Sloth: Sy Silvester

Sloth: and Stephanie Lowe

Sloth: This was another close category

Sloth: the winner won by ONE POINT

Sloth: and is.........

Sloth: Sarah!

Best Department Head: Engineering

CaptBunny: Apparantly I get the next award

CaptBunny: which isssssssssssssssssss

CaptBunny: For the best CE

CaptBunny: the nominees are

CaptBunny: Spotlight and drumroll please!

CaptBunny: Geoff Joosten, Jen Herr, Doug Van Ness, Krys and Robert Spicer

CaptBunny: and the winner isssssssssssssssssss

CaptBunny: Oh wait....batteries have gone in the flashlight

* CaptBunny changes batteries

CaptBunny: Jen Herr!

Sloth: Um, I'd like to thank all the tricorders that broke

Sloth: all the warp cores that over loadec

Sloth: and all the eps conduits that needed rerouting

Best Department Head: Medical

MontyThePython: The nexsssst award issss for besssst tasssssting CMO.

*MontyThePython goes to taste the nominees

* MontyThePython eats Janelle Kimber

* MontyThePython eats Cale Reilly

* MontyThePython eats Brian Olinski

* MontyThePython eats D Grisham

* MontyThePython ponders a moment on the different flavors.

MontyThePython: Thissss issss a hard one. They all tassste sssso good!

MontyThePython: But the winner issss......

MontyThePython: Janelle Kimber!

Sloth: Janelle is not here tonight because, er, I never see her online!

Best Department Head: Science

WoMP: The Next Awards is for

WoMP: Ahem!

WoMP: Best CSO!

Sloth: the second and third place condenders were only two and three behind

WoMP: Nominees are:........

WoMP: Jessica McClary

WoMP: Katherine Dedul

WoMP: and Daniel Lerner!

WoMP: the winner is.........

WoMP: Jessica McClary!

* Sloth hands an award to sleeping Jess

Best Department Head: Security

Sloth: Next up is the best COS!

Sloth: The nominees are:

Sloth: Chris Jones

Sloth: Joe Fahey

Sloth: Andrew Robinson

Sloth: and Chris Taylor

Sloth: And the winner is..........

Sloth: Andrew Robinson!

Sloth: Andy is not here with us tonight because he is flipping hamburgers

Best Gamemaster

CaptBunny: Ladies and Gents....we have the awards just in for Best GM

CaptBunny: and our nominations are.

CaptBunny: Therle Dregansky, Julia K, Andrew "Smells Less Like a Dog" Robinson, Sarah "Katastropic" Hemenway, Stu "I can't believes it's not butter" Coll, Kenson Koh and Phil Robinson

CaptBunny: and the winner of the Emma 2006 and issssssssssssss

CaptBunny: give me the damned envelope!

CaptBunny: jeez you just can't get the presidents anymore

* CaptBunny waits

Sloth: um, I told you...

CaptBunny: Envelope dear

Sloth: I gave it to you!

CaptBunny: A shocking Three way tie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Therle, Sarah and Stu!!!

Sloth: With Julia close in second

CaptBunny: Ok...who wants to help me carve Emma into three?

Best Executive Officer

MontyThePython: Nexsssst up, I will be eating the bessst XOssss.

* MontyThePython eats Sarah Hemenway

* MontyThePython eats Julia K

* MontyThePython eats Brian Olinski

* MontyThePython eats Steve Johnson

* MontyThePython eats Stuart Coll

* MontyThePython eats Andrew Robinson

* MontyThePython bows. Tada!

MontyThePython: Oh wait, you wanted to know which tasssted bessst?

* MontyThePython ponders a moment as his stomach gurgles.

* MontyThePython belches slightly, tasting of Julia K, the winner!

Best Commanding Officer

WoMP: and Next up we have the Best CO!

WoMP: Nominees include but are not limited to:

WoMP: Jen Herr!

WoMP: Julia K

WoMP: Sarah Hemenway!

WoMP: Brian Olinski

WoMP: Emma Rouse Deane

WoMP: Jack Dipper

WoMP: And Andrew Robinson!

WoMP: and the winner is!

WoMP: Julia K!

* Sloth transports the award to France

Best Base or Planet

Sloth: Next up is the award for the best Base or Planet

Sloth: This one was a tough battle!

Sloth: In the end, the nominees were....

Sloth: Outpost 42

Sloth: Outpost 45

Sloth: Crell

Sloth: Oed V

Sloth: and Oceanus III

Sloth: And the winner, of the best Base or Planet award is......

Sloth: Oh my goodness, it's a tie!

Sloth: The winners are Oceanus III and Oed V!

Sloth: Speech!

CaptBunny: What can I say! The OEDV is a great place to live and work....and we welcome immigrants

CaptBunny: check out our tourist guide

Best Ship

CaptBunny: Oh wait

CaptBunny: news just in

CaptBunny: we have another award to consider

CaptBunny: BEST SHIP

CaptBunny: Obviously not as good as best planet

CaptBunny: but you can't have everything

CaptBunny: and the nominees for this more inferior award are :P

CaptBunny: The Bonnie, The Asimov, the Atlantis, The Columbia (not Columbus), the Trinnie, and the Polaris.

CaptBunny: and our survey says!

CaptBunny: Damn we are going to have to rename these awards

CaptBunny: Polaris and her Co Julia K!

* CaptBunny goes to rename the awards the Julia's

Best Fleet

eagle15: The award for best fleet

eagle15: The nominees are fleets 1-7 (but not 2) and the Academy!

eagle15: (Poor Fleet 2.)

eagle15: The winner is...

eagle15: Fleet 10-8+5!

eagle15: (Hint: 7)

Most Valuable Player

Sloth: And that brings us to our final two awards of the evening!

* Sloth plays dramatic theme music

Sloth: The nominees for Most Valuable Player are!

Sloth: Brian Olinski

Sloth: Mark Womack

Sloth: Therle Dregansky

Sloth: Sarah Hemenway

Sloth: Jack Dippy Dipper

Sloth: And Sy "Where'd my ears go" Silvester

Sloth: The winner is......

Sloth: Therle Dregansky!

Sloth: By one point over three others!

Best STFer

WoMP: and I get the esteemed pleasure of announcing the last award!

WoMP: The last award is for best STFer

WoMP: Nominees are:.......

WoMP: Jen Herr

WoMP: Jess McClary

WoMP: Symon Silvester!

WoMP: Sarah Hemenway!

WoMP: and Emma Rouse Deane

WoMP: and the winner is.....................

WoMP: Sarah Hemenway and Emma Rouse Deane!


Sloth: I'd like to thank everyone for attending

Sloth: I'd like to ask Monty The Python to regurgitate the nominees adn winners....

Sloth: Congrats to everyone!

* Sloth plays ending theme music