SS Bonaventure

Fleet One

President Jen Herr

Fleet Commander Therle Dregansky

Revision History
Revision 2 6 July 2006

Based on Edict Herr 2 #33

Revision 1 23 June 2005

Based on Edict Rouse-Deane-1 #52

The SS Bonaventure NCC-01 is hereby recommissioned as an alternative role-playing area in Fleet 1. It is recommissioned as an Enterprise-Era, Bonaventure-II Class frigate. Its missions are expected to be predominantly exploration in nature and biased toward Enterprise-Era and canon historical issues and plotlines, and its crew staffing is expected to reflect the Enterprise-Era in posting, available races and tech utilization.

If for any reason it should change her class, it must be decommissioned.

The Bonaventure is already in active service and is hereby confirmed to be successful as an Enterprise-Era frigate. It will continue to be judged by the following criteria:

  1. The Bonaventure must maintain an active and healthy roleplaying environment.

  2. The Bonaventure must continue to function as an Enterprise-Era frigate.

As the Bonaventure is already an established RPG Area, it will not be required to pass a trial period. It will therefore remain a permanent addition to Fleet 1, but if at any time it deviates from the criteria set in this edict, it must be decommissioned.

The Bonaventure shall have a command structure similar to Enterprise-Era vessels, including all standard departments, rank structure, and chain of command. As such, RPG Ranks on the Bonaventure will count toward Member Rank the same as on Standard Ships, and CO and XO positions on the Bonaventure will count fully towards any limits in place.

There are changes to the names of the Department Heads as following:

  1. Chief Security Officer = Armory Chief

  2. Executive Officer = Executive Officer and Comm Officer

Additional Swing personnel will be possible at the CO's discretion, including but not limited to the following:

  1. MACO (Marine Specialist)

  2. Shuttle Pilot

  3. Linguist

  4. Recreation and Morale Officer

  5. Master Mess Specialist Coordinator

The current CO and crew of the USS Bonaventure are retained in their current positions aboard the ship. The CO may be removed at some later date in accordance with the rules of the site, without penalty to the Bonaventure herself.