USS Chernov

Fleet Five

President Jen Herr

Fleet Commander Geoff Joosten

Revision History
Revision 1 31 July 2010

Based on Edict Herr #33 (2nd Term)


The Kurtzman-class USS Chernov, NCC-1790 is hereby established as an alternative roleplaying area in Fleet 5. The Chernov shall be a Star Trek XI or "Abramsverse" vessel.


The Chernov is set 249 years from the present day, placing it approximately one year after the events of the Star Trek XI film. Missions and characters should adhere as closely as possible to the canon of the time period with respect to concepts including, but not limited to:

This list is by no means exhaustive, and other canon information, such as that which comes from future Abramsverse films, shall be adhered to equally closely.


If the USS Chernov should deviate from the following it shall be decommissioned:

  1. The Chernov must maintain an active and healthy roleplaying environment.
  2. The Chernov must continue to function as an Abramsverse ship.
  3. The Chernov must employ a specification deemed appropriate for the era and universe by the Engineering Department.


The USS Chernov shall have a crew structure in line with its "Abramsverse" nature. Both the positions of Commanding Officer and Executive Officer shall exist as they do in Standard RPG areas, and count toward established limits. The ship shall have the following Department Head positions as they exist in Standard RPG areas:

The Chernov shall also have the following period-specific positions as Department Heads:

The Executive Officer shall concurrently hold one of the Department Head positions with a main duty station on the Bridge. Examples of this include, per established canon as of the time of this Edict:

The Chernov shall have positions for Junior Officers in Engineering, Medical and Science as they exist in Standard RPG areas. It shall also have Junior Officers in Security, reporting to the Weapons Officer.


The Chernov shall be subject to a sixty (60) day review period to ensure its compliance with the above criteria, under judgment of the President, Fleet Commander and Commanding Officer, with the final decision in the hands of the President.