Bylaw On X-Fleet's Establishment and Supervision


President Joe P

Revision History
Revision 2 30 September 2013

Updated by Bill Johnson #1

Revision 1 22 October 2012

Based on Bill Joe P #1

Table of Contents

Establishment of the Experimental Fleet
Supervisor of Experiments
Experimental Ships
Trial Period

Establishment of the Experimental Fleet

This bylaw establishes the Experimental Fleet, otherwise known as X-Fleet. X-Fleet is a collection of Experimental Ships, otherwise referred to as X-Ships. X-Fleet is administered by the Supervisor of Experiments, or SOX.

The purpose of X-Fleet is to provide an area for members to try out new ideas under a set of clear and simple rules, with the ultimate aim of improving the club as a whole. How lessons learned from X-Fleet shall be applied to the rest of the club shall be left to the discretion of the President.

Supervisor of Experiments

The SOX is an Executive Assistant charged with the creation, decommissioning, and oversight of X-Ships. Specifically, the SOX is expected to create an X-Ship upon receipt of a valid application, decommission an X-Ship immediately after it meets the termination rule, and continually monitor X-Ships for violations of the Terms of Service.


Participation in any aspect of X-Fleet is restricted to active members of the club as defined under the Membership Section of Member Order and Organization (MOO). The rank possessed by any character in X-Fleet will not apply to any member rank. Any sims conducted by licensed Gamemasters within X-Fleet will not count towards a Gamemaster's rank.

Experimental Ships

An Experimental Ship is a role playing environment, upon which RPGs take place under the supervision of the SOX.


An X-Ship is created by the SOX upon receipt of a valid application for an X-Ship. The application must contain the following information:

  • The names of five members who endorse the X-Ship's establishment and intend to play on it.

  • The usernames of the aforementioned five members.

  • The name of the proposed X-Ship, which must be unique.

  • A description of the proposed X-Ship that does not exceed 250 words.

The application will be deemed valid if it possesses the required information, and if the following conditions are also met:

  • The proposed X-Ship is set somewhere within the Star Trek universe.

  • Nothing about the proposed X-Ship violates the club's Terms of Service.

  • The proposed X-Ship is not a deliberate duplicate of any existing ship.

The SOX will be responsible for determining whether a proposed X-Ship meets the above criteria.

If the application is deemed valid, the SOX is responsible for ensuring the X-Ship is created in a timely fashion and the five endorsing members of that X-Ship are given administrative rights over the X-Ship.

If the application is not deemed valid, the SOX is responsible for notifying the applicants in a timely fashion why the application was not found to be valid. An invalid application may be resubmitted later if the reasons it was found to be invalid have been addressed.


If an X-Ship ever has less than five members who have posted on it within the previous 14 days, it shall be considered on probation. The members of the ship will be notified immediately and be given 7 days to take corrective action. If at the end of the 7 days the ship does not have 5 members who have posted within the last 14 days it is to be decommissioned immediately by the SOX. An X-Ship may also be decommissioned by the SOX if that ship's continued existence somehow violates the Terms of Service. Violations of the TOS by a player who happens to be on an X-Ship will not be grounds for decommissioning.

Any decision to decommission an X-Ship by the SOX is final and may not be appealed.


There is no specific process for transferring an X-Ship out of X-Fleet. The standard club policy for commissioning Standard Ships or Alternative RPG Areas must be followed.


X-Ships are exempt from FCOMM. Most Executive Departments and Assistants are exempt from providing support to X-Ship. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these exemptions:

  • The Gamemaster Department is exempt from providing a licensed Gamemaster to X-Ships.

  • The Personnel Department is exempt from providing new members to X-Ships.

  • Starfleet Academy is exempt from providing new graduates to X-Ships.

  • The Internet Department and Librarian are exempt from archiving content produced by X-Ships.

  • The Engineering Department will not be tasked with creating, maintaining or codifying specific ship specifications or technologies solely for the use of X-Fleet.

Trial Period

X-Fleet will be reviewed six months after the date of this bill's passing. The review will take the form of a public discussion held within Command, with the President having the final ruling on whether or not X-Fleet has passed or failed its trial period. The discussion must run for a minimum of two weeks. The review criteria is to include:

  • Is X-Fleet providing enjoyable environments that are beneficial for those playing on them and the club as a whole?

  • Is the variety in environments provided by X-Fleet adequate?

  • Are we learning anything we didn't already know through X-Fleet

  • Are there any potential changes to the rest of the club that have been prompted by X-Fleet?

If X-Fleet fails its trial period, all X-Ships will be decommissioned and the SOX position will be eliminated two weeks following the determination of the failure. Once that is accomplished, this bylaw will no longer remain in effect.

Should X-Fleet pass its trial period, then it will continue to operate indefinitely under the terms of this bylaw.