The STF Government

STF is administered by a President. This President and their Vice President are elected once every eight months by the membership at large, after a full election campaign has been conducted on a special ship that only appears at election time called (surprisingly enough) The Election Ship.

Anyone can run for President provided they receive two nominations for the position. Following a period of voting, the winner is announced and that President/Vice President team becomes the head of our government.

With the exception of the election process, the President has absolute authority to do pretty much whatever they want. Naturally, were they to truly attempt to destroy the place, the membership would demand that the cabinet remove the President from power. This has never happened, but there have been a number of controversial presidencies.

Generally speaking, a President has been judged fairly for character during their election campaign. Furthermore, any reasonable president will listen to the membership for advice, putting forward their ideas for review before putting them into edict, just as they will listen to membership ideas as to new methodologies and such.

When they assume office, the Presidents first duty is to appoint a cabinet. The cabinet consists of the Directors for each of our departments (Gamemaster, Personnel, Internet and Engineering), the Academy Commandant and the six Fleet Commanders, along with the President and Vice President. These then name their assistants to varying positions within their departments. The cabinet, and their assistants are referred to as the 'Government'.