When STF began its first migration from the Prodigy classic chat network in 1999, the first guide to the Webb was written. Written by veteran member Larry Garfield, "12 Steps to the WeBB" was soon superseded by "The Ensigns Guide to the WeBB", written by the New Members Council, a now defunct body designed to monitor new members and provide material to assist them in adjusting to our unique environment.

The Ensigns Guide stood for several years before it was decided to write an Academy counterpart. After several drafts, "The Cadet's Handbook" was born.

In 2001, it was determined that both books could be combined to streamline and codify practices to reflect relevant updates and provide a more comprehensive, yet user friendly format. With that, the first version of "The Players' Handbook" was born.

Following the migration from the obsolete, yet revered, effWeBB to the more modern WeBBspace, it was determined that because of the drastic shift in format and style, a new handbook was needed. With this, the second revision of The Players Handbook was born and here we stand even with history.

Whether you're a new Academy cadet or an old hand looking for immediate placement in a mainstream ship, this guide to our system and our format should answer your questions.