Getting Promoted

STF is a club designed to allow everyone to have fun in a safe and realistic Star Trek environment. How fast you advance can often depend on how well you roleplay. Below are a few hints to help you on your way.

Make Your Character Real

The more realistic you make your character, the more believable your posts will be. Some of this is dependant upon your writing abilities, but these will advance with time. The rest depends on how much personality you give your character and how much time you spend developing them.

One way to do this is with character development posts. Making posts about everyday things, messages to friends and family back on your characters homeworld and making new friends in the lounge are all ways to develop your character. Flashbacks to historical scenes in your characters past and anecdotes about their history all help flesh the character out in your mind and give them more life to your fellow players.

Another way is to include feelings, sensations and visual descriptions in your normal posting. Posting about your character feeling nervous on his first away mission or feeling fear in a combat situation is something that will give your character depth and personality in your own mind and in those of others.

Be Proactive

Another way to impress and advance is to post proactively. Rather than waiting for something to do, keep yourself busy with a Security officer on his standard rounds, recalibrating phaser rifles. Doctors and Scientists could conduct experiments, Engineers could make minor repairs to key systems, such as realigning the warp core matrix or repairing phase errors in EPS grids.

Holodeck simulations are always fun and they can help you bring others into the fold with your character. The always popular holographic bars from your characters youth or some sporting simulations can always be fun for you and other players who join you.

There's nothing to limit you, though do remember not to detract from the main mission the Gamemaster is running.

Most importantly, be creative. Use your imagination and throw some curve balls at the rest of the crew from your own end.