Ranks, Positions and Roleplaying

Character Ranks

Civilian: A non Starfleet rank, this adds some interesting possibilities, including non-standard character races and giving you more freedom to express yourself than you would have in a Starfleet specific role.

Cadet: The lowest Starfleet rank, given to any new member serving in the Academy

Ensign: The lowest commissioned rank. Ensigns are the backbone of STF.

Lieutenant Junior Grade (Lt J.G.): Usually the rank given to a first time Department Head, it's the cornerstone to later promotions.

Lieutenant (Lt): The rank most usually associated with Department Heads, Lieutenant is the rank that first allows you to take the Gamemaster course and qualify to run missions on our ships.

Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cmdr): Usually the rank given to a first time XO or a senior DH, Lieutenant Commander is the first command rank on the path towards Captain.

Commander (Cmdr): Given to an experienced XO or an extremely senior Department Head, Commander is the the final step on the path towards the centre seat. The rank of Commander requires the Fleet Commanders permission to be granted.

Captain (Capt): This is the biggie. The rank everyone aims for as a Cadet. Your first command is an important one and the promotion to Captain requires a Presidential edict and the recommendation of a Fleet Commander. Ship CO's are selected by Fleet Commanders, but promoted by the President.

Fleet Captain (Flt Capt): For exceptional service to the club, the President can promote members beyond the rank of Captain. Fleet Captain is a mark of commitment or contribution to the club above and beyond the usual requirements.

Commodore (Cdre): Somewhat Rare, Commodore is a promotion usually given to those who have not only made exceptional commitments to the club above and beyond that which is required, but have done so consistently over a number of years. This is considered the first of the 'Flag Ranks'

Rear Admiral (RAdm): Rare. Rear Admiral is a promotion given to those who have not only made exceptional commitments to the club above and beyond that which is required for a number of years, but have also had a permanent and lasting impact in developing the club through government work in Fleets or Departments.

Vice Admiral (VAdm): Very Rare. Vice Admiral is a promotion given to those who have made exceptional, lasting and long term impacts on the way in which the club operates and functions. Usually given to those members who have served as President at least once and have a long history of government work developing new procedures and working tirelessly to develop the best procedures and policies for any Department or Fleet that they turn their hand to.

Admiral (Adm): Ultra Rare. The highest member rank achievable in the club, Admiral is given by the President to those rare few members who have given their all for many years and have had a significant lasting impact on the club in terms of its development through government and technology as well as a profound impact on how we function and operate through the implementation of long lasting changes that revolutionise the Government, the platform on which we operate or the Presidency.. At present only two people in the club hold this rank. One of them, Admiral Greg Hertzsch is the man who pays for our server and has been with STF since the beginning. The other, Admiral Larry Garfield is the architect of WeBBspace and a longstanding member who has been with us since the move from Prodigy to effWeBB.

Member Ranks

Member rank is your out of character rank, as it applies within the club. Up until the promotion to Captain, it is the highest rank held by one of your characters, past or present. If you had an Ensign and a Commander character, your member rank would be Commander.

Upon promotion to Captain, your member rank becomes Captain irrelevant of whether you currently have a Captain character active in the club. As a mark of respect for the time, effort and commitment it takes to achieve this and the ranks above Captain, member rank is concurrent with your highest edicted promotion.

The only temporary ranks beyond Captain are those held by the President and Vice President. Upon taking office for the eight months of their term, the President assumes the rank of Fleet Admiral and the Vice President the rank of Vice Fleet Admiral. During their term, the President and Vice President outrank every other member OOC.

Upon the completion of their eight month term however, the President and Vice President surrender those ranks to their successors and regain their previous member rank. An Ensign elected president will remain Fleet Admiral for eight months, but if their member rank after that time is still Ensign, they return to that rank once more.