Fleet Seven

Joe Fahey

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Revision 1 3 February 2007

As written by Joe Fahey

Fleet Seven began as any other fleet with a Edict 3 by Scott Dale Robinson, STF President, on Stardate 01041.2. Immediately it was staffed by ships from other fleets, these being the USS Brandywine, USS Curie and the USS Genesis along with their staffing. By Stardate 01041.9 all ships were successfully transferred.

The first Fleet Commander was Nikolle Burchett. Her works brought forth many things for Fleet Seven with the primary thing being the Fleet Seven Races to determine the Fleets Flagship. Then, on Stardate 01042.8 the USS Polaris joined the Fleet Seven Ranks.

For a year, Fleet Seven survived with only four ships happily until Stardate 02112.5 when Emma Rouse-Deane moved the USS Maverick into Fleet Seven with Edict 13. In addition, a new Fleet Commander was gained, Mackael Stockhausen.

On Stardate 03041.1, Jody Romero became the Fleet Commander under Emma-Rouse-Deane in addition to a new cabinet. He served faithfully in that position for a little over a year before stepping down. Upon doing so, Jessica McClary became the current Fleet Commander on Stardate 04102.8.

On Stardate 06080.1, Joe Fahey was appointed to the position of FComm-7 under the first edict of the Hemenway administration. On Stardate 06082.0, the USS Genesis was moved out of Fleet 7 to Fleet 6, in order to fill in a vacancy there.

On 07010.4, Fleet 7 is decommissioned, with the ships in it being reassigned to various fleets to bring them all up to a consistent number of ships per fleet.

Information gathered by Aaron Carroll and Joe Fahey