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Etopos is a planet orbiting the larger sun in a binary system. The larger sun has ten planets in orbit, the smaller sun, four. The small sun orbits around the larger sun. Etopos standard year is equivalent to roughly two Earth years. The moons have both been terraformed and support small populations of miners, industrialists and ship builders. Etopos is described as a garden paradise, there is no heavy industry, no poverty and life is very similar to that found on Earth of the 24th Century. The planet is a fertile garden world, with about two thirds of the planet being sea. The Etopians are expert farmers and worked out around four centuries ago how to control their weather. From these experiments developed the industry the planet is famous for, terraforming technology.


Etopos began to reach out to space over four hundred Terran years ago. Starting first by creating domed colonies on their moons. The moons were found to be rich in minerals so the Etopians moved all heavy industry to these two large natural satellites. Then added a space station and finally a ship dockyard. Here the first deep space exploration ships and then the first colony ships were built and sent out to Trexite. Travel at this time was done in impulse ships, warp had yet to be discovered. It was the development of a successful colony that helped to push along the development of Warp Drive. The Trexite colony was where various terraforming techniques were first used to change the planet from Class K to Class M.

In the years it took to force these changes the colonists lived in domed communities. It was during the first Warp Drive tests that the planet Mustine was found orbiting the smaller sun in the binary system. The Etopians later sent out colony ships to the planet Mustine a Class M planet. Ten Earth years after the colony on Mustine was set up Etopos joined the Federation. The Etopians shared their knowledge of terraforming techniques and in return gained knowledge about replicators and transporters The Trexite colony is approximately 200 Earth years old, the Mustine colony 150 Earth years old. Trexite is a thriving colony that gained independence from Etopos one hundred Earth years ago. Mustine is much smaller, and is struggling. It has been independent from Etopos for fifty Earth years.