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The Quasian star, which is referred as Quantas, is a highly unique star with 31 additional planets which are out of phase with universe. These planets exist but can not be visited in any normal means. They exist the same circular orbit of the only visible planet. These other 31 planets rotate around the star in different angles and in different direction. However every 10 Quanta (see Quasians for more information), all 31 planets become aligned and exist in the same space in space-time. During this time, the Quasians celebrate what they call the "Great Alignment." It is during this one full Quasian day that the Quasians are able to perform their best because they are in closest contact with their otherselves. The Great Alignment is one of the most productive days in all of Quasian history... simply because the majority of discoveries are discovered during the Great Alignment. The planets do not meet together on the same dimensional plane, but since they are in the same place in space-time, the Quasians are able to communicate with their other 31 selves faster than any other Quasian day. All other 31 planets mirror the existance of the visible planet except with minor differences. Quantas is medium size star, perhaps slightly larger than Earth's Sol. The temperature on Quantas is predicted to be about 1/3 greater than Sol. This star is very old, but it does not seem like it will change, die, or grow for another 20,000 Quanta.


It is lead to believe by neighbor races of the Quasians that this star's uniqueness comes from a possible reaction from an advanced alien race which caused some type of accident. This accident lead the destruction of the other planets in the particular system and resulted multiple dimensional copies of the remaining planet. This would explain the various asteriod belts near the system.