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Height (Average)

5' 0" - 5' 5"

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"11001001" (TNG)

Found in Starfleet



Originating on the planet Bynaus, the Bynars are one of the few cybernetic species known. Unlike the Borg, the Bynars are a benign species, and many have served on Federation Starbases as computer experts. The Bynars are heavily dependant on computers, to the extent that their thought processes are as close to binary as is possible for an organic being. Indeed, they are unable to live without the central computer system on their world which interlinks them all. The Bynars, who always come in groups of two, as to communication to each other. There are similarities with the Bynars and the Borg, as in they are linked via a central computer, but they always need another one present with them, to function. Each Bynar has a device implanted into their brain, as to transfer digitally information from one Bynar to another.


The Bynar sun, Beta Magellan, went nova in 2364, which led to the Enterprise-D's intervention in the matter. During the Enterprise's upgrading on Starbase 74, the Bynars engineered a problem within the ships antimatter containment, in which the ship was set on autopilot and directed away from the station, whereupon the Bynars took control and headed towards their homeworld, in which they had predicted that their sun would go nova. For the Bynar's survival, they would have to shut down their computer system to ensure its survival. Desperate to preserve their species from extinction, the Bynars needed a large computer system which would back up their original one. They decided that the ideal choice would be the computer core of a Galaxy class starship, the most powerful in existance at the time. Unfortunately, the Bynars believed that the Federation would refuse to help, and therefore hijacked the Enterprise-D. During this, the Bynars had arranged for two senior officers, Commander Riker and Captain Picard, to be distracted on the holodeck during the entire affair, so on arrival of their system, the officers could reactivate the Bynars computer system and revive the species.