Caitus Sapien

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Cait (Ferasa)

Height (Average)

1.6 meters

Weight (Average)

226 kg


115 years

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The Animated Adventures, augmented by "Worlds of the Federation", by Shane Johnson, and the novels of Paul S. Gibbs

Found in Starfleet



The Caitians are a feline race. They possess sleek bodies covered in soft fur, which is of a golden coloration, similar to Terran lions. Caitians are extremely agile, dexterous and fast. They are bipedal, with a thick mane (darker color than the rest of the fur, but it can range in color), long tail, and large golden eyes that provide excellent low-light vision. On extremely rare occasions, a Caitian is born with completely black fur and mane. There has never been a discovered pattern to this, as it does not follow familial lines. It is considered very attractive and exotic by other Caitians. Ancient Caitian legends also tell of a White Caitian, but no such Caitian has been born in recorded history. The Caitian excellence in hearing makes them ideal experts in Communications. They hear ranges far above and below normal human ranges.

Caitians are Carnivorous hunters, by nature. They prefer their meat raw (blood temperature) or rare, and find it difficult to digest vegetables, although grains are easier. Over 90% of Caitians suffer from Heart Disease. This usually results in strokes and heart failure at around age 70. Almost all Caitians above that age require artificial hearts. As a result, the hospitals on Cait are the best at such surgeries, as they are so common.

Shedding season for all Caitians occurs once every six months. The season where a Caitian Female is fertile occurs once every six months as well, at opposite parts of the year. Caitians usually do not actively choose a mate, but instead they go through a process called bonding, which is as much physical as psychological. After adolescence, Caitians give off a pheromone that tells others that they are unbonded and are therefore available. When two Caitians bond, their pheromones shift and are now read as ?unavailable? by other Caitains. The two Caitians become addicted to each other?s pheromones, and as a result feel the need to be close to one another. The entire process occurs on a subconscious level and can happen without either Caitian knowing it at the time. With rare exceptions, these Caitians fall in love and are married. As a result, Caitian society sees bonding as a form of engagement. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to bonding, though in most occasions it occurs when couples first meet. The intensity of the bond varies per individual. The bond lasts for the rest of the Caitians life, and is only broken upon the death of one of the Caitians. Breaking a bond is extremely traumatic for a Caitian. Only in instances where a bond is broken shortly after it is form is future rebonding to another person possible, and even then it is extremely rare. The first known instance of a Caitian bonding with a non-Caitian occurred in 2278 and more have happened since that time. A Caitian can mate without being bonded, but such activitity is considered "shallow" and "unfulfilling" compared to bond-mates.

Standard adult Caitians wear a day-robe, a one piece outfit designed for coolness of wear, as Cait is 90% hot Savannah. Children can wear day-robes, but it is not uncommon for them not to wear clothing until adolescence. Caitians wear a collar at all times in public, as the neck is considered a vulnerable/sensitive area. Bonded Caitians following old traditions may wear identical ankle bracelets, to show their devotion to each other. According to the tradition, this anklet is never supposed to be removed for the rest of their lives. Shoes or boots are typically not worn by Caitians, even in Starfleet.

The Caitian language consists of multiple soft tones, spoken with a deep purring resonance; this style of communication makes it difficult for the Caitians to adapt to phoenetic languages. When a Caitian speaks Standard as a second language, it is usually punctuated by purring "R"s and hissing "S"s. Caitian female names typically start with M', while male names typically start with S'.

While it has rapidly been dwindling the last few centuries, a few Caitians still religiously worship their matron Deity, the Goddess, a monotheistic entity, that according to their religion created the universe. Opposing her are the Dark Ones, who try to trick Caitians and make their lives miserable. The Goddess is worshipped in Detailed statues, usually kept in a personal shine in the home.

Another strong part of Caitian belief is their claws. While a Caitian may dull their claws to keep from damaging things during casual contact, a Caitian will never of their own free will deliberately trim their claws to the point of uselessness or have them permanently removed. Many Caitians would rather die then endure such humiliation, and to do such to a Caitian against their will is tantamount to rape.


Cait?s origins are steeped in mystery. The Kzin, the Regulans, and the Lyrans all claim that Cait was essentially a "Lost Colony" of theirs. Considering the similar genetic markup of the four species, those theories are possible. However, it is also possible that all four species were ?seeded? in that section of space by an alien race akin to the Preservers. However it was formed, Caitian culture evolved separately from the other races.

Initially, Caitians were a hunting people, wild predators on the savannah. However, what farming did to the humans, ranching did to the Caitians. The domestication of local wildlife turned the nomadic people into more sedentary people. As a result, culture soon flourished and in a few thousand years, civilization, based around the ranch principle.

Cait would have remained a small, insignifigant planet had not it?s system been rich in a rare element: Dilithium. This brought it to the attention of the local powers, including the Federation. Cait was admitted to the Federation in 2234 and has been a great asset since.