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Height (Average)

1.7 meters (5' 8")

Weight (Average)

48 kg (105 lbs)


400 years

Entry Type


Found in Starfleet



The Eldaraane are a very special nomadic people. The Eldaraane have ears like Vulcans, however, much more pointy and would be described as more 'elf'/eleven' like. The Eldaraane have a rich culture and are a warp capable species. The Eldaraane are also very spiritual and believe that everything needs to be in spiritual and natural alignment. They are very intelligent group of beings who are remarkable problem solvers. The technology that the Eldaraane have is beyond the understanding of current 24th century scientists. Since the Eldaraane have remarkable length of lives, their early scientists were able to make incredible advancements. They have not encountered the Dominion or the Federation in their nomadic wanderings.


Ten thousand years ago, the Eldaraane's star, Tala, was on the verge of explosion. [In terms to Earth years, 8000 B.C.] It was guessed that the star would explode within two thousand years. Many Eldaraane did not wish to leave their home world, so they were deciding for the worse. An Eldaraane scientist by the name of Jor Salous theorized if a special warp bubble surrounded the planet, it might be possible to move the planet out of harm's way. The idea was to build a metal sphere around the planet with enough density and weight that it a gravitational force balance acted between the sphere around the planet and the planet itself. Additionally, the sphere would contain many artificial generators, such as gravity and light generators, to produce the necessary effects from its single moon and sun. The idea is not necessarily impossible with the technology that the Eldaraane possessed, but it seemed too absurd. Many of the scientists of the Eldaraane were trying to figure out how to chemically balance Tala to prevent its explosion.

The proposal was laughed at by many scientists, but for the sake of argument, they permitted Jor Salous to built an experimental "planet mover" on their moon, Dara. Jor received a large grant from the planetary government to build his planet mover on Dara. It took a fourth of Jor?s lifetime building what he needed for Dara. But after considerable research, planning and construction, Jor completed his project, and it was successful. Toward the end of his project, many Eldaraane began to believe into Jor Salous and worked closely to understand how his project worked. Jor Salous made it possible to move Dara out of orbit and into low warp speeds. Jor?s popularity soared on Talatinwe, gathering many students and scientists to understand his theories so that they might be able to continue Jor?s work after he passed away. However, it took much difficulty to move the small moon back into place.

Construction on Talatinwe moving sphere started on what the Eldaraane began to call, 1900 B.T.E., otherwise known as Before Tala Explodes. The scientific community on Talatinwe had a split focus between on correcting the star and performing Jor?s planetary moving project. Jor Salous died in 1597 BTE, at a ripe age of 412. Eldaraane scientists completed Jor?s Talatinwe project in 123 BTE. They had made many improvements, but were not able to move the planet. Those who began to fear for the worse started construction of homes and communities on Dala the year after the Talatinwe project were completed. In 100 BTE, a major shield project on Talatinwe and on Dala began construction. A small group of scientists had been working on creating powerful shielding that might shield Talatinwe and Dala from the explosion of Tala, or at least to weaken its effects since Jor?s project on Dala. In 54 BTE, the pressure was on. All attempts in stopping Tala from exploding had failed, and problems were still in the planetary movement project of Talatinwe. Many Eldaraane feared for the worse, and half of the population on Talatinwe moved to Dala. In 34 BTE, the shield project completed and it was thought that if the Jor project failed on Talatinwe, the Jor sphere along with the shields would at least protect Talatinwe from major problems. In 15 BTE, a brilliant scientist named Palan Shaldar found an error in Jor?s calculations for Talatinwe. This error was the problem in the Talatinwe project and Palan calculated that the correction would be able to be corrected in 7 years. In 8 BTE, the Jor-Talatinwe project officially completed, which allowed Talatinwe to move out of the star system. By 1 BTE, Talatinwe had reached the outer edges of the star system after careful and skillful navigation. When 0 BTE occurred, Tala exploded, and Talatinwe along with its single moon, Dala, and the Eldaraane were safely out of their planetary system.

Since then, the Eldaraane have numbered their years as an age of wandering, where they started their journey counted as 1 AW. They were hoping to search for a place where Talatinwe and Dala might fit into an uninhabited star system with only a few planets that matched something similar to their star. To the Eldaraane, placing their planet and moon 'any old place' was unacceptable. The Eldaraane wanted a place where they can place their planet for a long time without fear or worry of their new star exploding and that their new star had an exact harmonic nature to their previous star. Essentially, they would only settle their planet in a star system that did not have any other alien culture and fit accordingly to their belief that their planet and moon belonged to that star system.

As the Eldaraane move their planet and moon, at certain periods will some Eldaraane will move to settle other worlds or move with other alien cultures. Some of these 'offshoots' forget they were Eldaraane, and few of them carry their legend of the Eldaraane. Scouts and supply ships of the Eldaraane have very tight schedules to make their rendezvous with the planet or moon. If any supply ship does not make it in time, they are considered lost and will never see their home planet again. These lost Eldaraane become a part of a group of wanderers from other lost Eldaraane or they settle down in other alien cultures.

Their star system was located in the deep "Western" edges of the Alpha Quadrant, in the outer rim of the galaxy. Through their course of their travels the Eldaraane have made numerous improvements to their shield design, warp speed and to their artificial ecosystem. Additionally, the Eldaraane have built upon the outside of the domes of the planet and the moon to provide more support in shielding, power and warp capacity. Other improvements have included cloaking technology, but are used limited only for emergencies due to the power drain on their systems. It is now rumored that both planet-moving ships travel at a constant speed of warp 6. The last known location of the Eldaraane is said that the Eldaraane are moving generally speaking "east" toward Federation space.