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Komm III (Kommun), In the Delta Quadrant near the Beta Quadrant

Height (Average)

5' 7"

Weight (Average)

140 lbs


120 years

Entry Type


Found in Starfleet



This species was contacted by Earth in the 1960s. Specifically, the Kommunicatons received an Earth signal but Earth was not aware of that fact. Features to Kommunicatons are larger ears than humans but smaller than Ferengi. Mouths are slightly larger as well than other Terrans. These two differences are what a Kommunicaton stand out from human beings. Their social ability and their charisma make them very likable. Starfleet doctors guess that their charisma comes from their genes. This ability will make the toughest and meanest alien creatures like them almost instantly. This ability is somewhat equivalent to a popular person or very successful diplomat.

The Kommunicatons translated their alien name as close as to our language as possible. Generally, a Kommunicaton is one who loves to talk and does it well. It would be abnormal for a Kommunicaton not socialize for a period of the day. It is said that the reason that a Kommunicaton has large ears and a large mouth is to speak well and to listen attentively. It might be said that if other races met a Kommunicaton, one would describe them as very talkative. The Kommunicatons' ability of charisma can be explained as one who is genetically born likable. A combination of pheromones and the genetic ability to smooth talk can closely define as the charisma.

For example, if a Kommunicaton were to talk to an alien who was outraged at that Kommunicaton, the after a few seconds talking to the alien, the alien would calm down and like the Kommunicaton. To put it this way, a Kommunicaton does not emote calm, rather a Kommunicaton emote friendship. This charisma is similar to a telepathic impression that leaves the other person in a good mood and good relations to the Kommunicaton. The Kommunicatons Government is a republic type of government, one much like the United States' government on Earth. It is guessed that the Kommunicatons modeled their government after the United States because of The Signal's message with some minor changes.

The Kommunicatons Culture is one full of pleasantries. Their culture involves mainly talking, so all forms of games and any type of culture involves socializing in one form or another. Their matter of dress is remarkably simple and comfortable. Kommunicatons have a relatively simple way of life. Since contact by Earth, most jobs are geared toward for scientific research and improvement of Kommunicaton life. Currency is almost nonexistent; the only real currency that is accounted for is an energy quota. This energy quota maybe used for special items or special food items. Items that do not require the energy quota are free and usually supplied by the government. One item of interest that is carried by every Kommunicaton is a compact audio/video communications device. First contact with the Kommunicatons have been made by the USS Aztec and its crew with Captain Kenson Xu.


Kommunicatons have a relatively similar technological history to Earth. As for cultural history, Kommunicatons were divided into 20 nations over 20 different islands and continents. Although Kommunicatons were divided into 20 nations, Kommunicatons never had a war between the nations. Due to their nature of their charisma, no Kommunicaton could get angry enough at another Kommunicaton to actually fight a war. Their technological progress halted at the technological level of the 1960s and stayed at that level for about 200 years. Their technological level excluded computers, but did include the combustible engine, the radio, the television, etc. For those 200 years, Kommunicatons scientists proclaimed that technology could not be advanced anymore.

In the Earth year of 2021, the Kommunicatons picked up a stray radio signal from Earth. Unknown to the Kommunicatons, this signal traveled through an unstable temporal shifting wormhole which shortly collapsed after the signal when through. Their culture latched on the idea to contacting Earth, which all research methods to communications. As a culture and historical icon, the radio signal is referred as "The Signal" and is revered as something sacred. Interesting enough, subspace communications was invented before the warp drive. Kommunicatons only can guess about the wormhole because of the fact that they are missing a star from their nightly skyline on their world. Pictures of the skyline before and after The Signal differ by a single star. Kommunicaton scientists can only guess that the object that was missing from the sky was responsible for delivering the signal. This wormhole was stable at the Kommunicaton's end but shifted at the other end.

The Signal's message contained mathematical formulas and other things that described where the message was coming from. The basic gist of the message was, "Greetings from the Planet Earth! We come in peace and have sent this message in search for other intelligent beings. We hope and wait for your reply." One of the mathematical formulas described how to find the Sol System from the center of the galactic origin point. In addition, there was extraneous information such as the United States Constitution, biological information about man, and some technological highlights from the 1960s. The Kommunicatons to this date have colonized their home system in addition to two neighboring systems and have made contact with two other races. Although their subspace communications is quite advanced which can contact any race within half a quadrant distance, their government decided to limit contact with other races and focus on the main goal of contacting Earth.

The Kommunicatons have developed advanced data compression techniques for communications purposes which allow the transmission of high volumes of data within a small period of time. In addition, these compression techniques are relatively simple for most computers to decompress quickly. Before their invention of the warp drive, the Kommunicatons invented an equivalent to the Starfleet transporter in the 2360s. Transporter technology is a relatively new technology, and is not generally trusted. After the invention of the transporter came the basic warp drive. Since this technology is still new, the Kommunicatons have only the limited warp capacity of warp 1. In the 2370s, the Kommunicatons intercepted Voyager's communications to and from Earth. Today, in 2377, the Kommunicatons have made first contact. They have sent a representative, by the name of Jagon, over to Earth using their data compression techniques, and their relatively new transporter technology.