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"The Q Continuum" trilogy, "Q-Space" "Q-Zone" "Q-Shaped", by Greg Cox

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All that is known about this species was related by Q to Captain Jean-Luc Picard during a mission to the Galactic Barrier.

This race exist in parts of the multiverse not yet known to even the Q.

The O (name suplied by Q) are beings not unlike the Q, they exist outside of normal space-time and can alter these two elements.

Unlike the Q, however, they have limited power. This power is limited only by ill-experience. With practice and coordination, the O can expand their powers beyond what they were before.

In one instance, a single O was more powerfull then Q. This was achieved only by insanity, according to Q: "The more insane an omipetent being is, the more insane his power."


This species' existance was first known to Captain Picard by Q showing Captain Picard Q's many encounters with the O. Q explained that O had been exiled from the Milky Way galaxy, for the slaughter of an entire race, by use of the Galactic Barrier. This 'journey', as Q called it, with Picard took place while the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E was en route to the Galactic Barrier to assist Dr. Lem Fal of Betazed in his attempt to break through the barrier.

After this attempt, O was allowed to 'squeze' through a crack in the barrier allowing him access to the galaxy. The Enterprise crew found him to be insane, and O began terrorizing the ship and using it to fullfill his purposes.

This O was killed however by the joining of Q and the Calmarian, in an attempt to rid the galaxy of the evil O.

The only O ever to be in contact with the Q or Federation is now dead, and it has yet to be seen whether or not more of his kind will appear.