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Quanta (Gamma Quadrant, toward the Delta Quadrant)

Height (Average)

6' 8"

Weight (Average)



320 years

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Found in Starfleet



Quasians are an interesting race in which, as far as they know, could always perceive thought in 32 different ways. They are similar to the Bynars in which the Bynars are based in pairs. The Quasians have an entire system based in 32. A Lenta is roughly equal to 32 inches, and a Pounta is equal to roughly 32 Pounds. The Quasian calendar is a most remarkable one, and very precise to their planet's rotation around their special star. One Quasian Year has 10 months, with each month having exactly 32 days. Each Quanta, the name given to a Quasian year and their star, is about 485 Earth days. The Quasians have an interesting set up of time as well. Each Quasian day has 32 hours, each Quasian hour has 64 minutes and each Quasian second has 64 seconds.

The Quasian spelling for their units is not far off from English, just that it is slightly cut and has 'ta' on the end. A few examples are dta -Quasian day, minuta - Quasian minute, secota - Quasian second, mota - Quasian month.

Their holy theory, as they call it, is the Quasian Way of Life. This way of life is actually a scientific theory about how one interact with 31 other selves. It is said that a computer is run on only two out of 32 states of an electron, while a Quantum computer is run on all 32 states of the electron. Quasians are living Quantum computers. They exist in a Quantum flux, and if one had the chance to run a scan over a Quasian, one would discover that there was the existence of 31 other dimensions in where the Quasian was standing.

Quasians have white hair, and may have beards, but beards are usually reserved for the wisest people or those part of the important aspects of their scientific community. Quasians bluish purplish skin, and their eye colors vary from yellow, black, and blue. Quasians are mainly thin, and have large heads. They do not have muscular builds because it is usually looked down upon. The Quasian culture is one built on the focus of the mind and the ability to think with the other 31 dimensions which is part of them. Quasians are not imposing any manner. One would say that the Quasians primarily keep to themselves and answer only when asked.

Their star system only has one true planet orbiting their one star. However, under close scans, one would discover their were actually 32 planets orbiting their star and that each planet was similar to the one that seemed to be the only planet in the system. It is because of this unique star and the way that the other planets seem to interact with the multiverse that this particular culture can exist with 31 other selves. Other than the odd fact that each Quasian has 31 other selves, they are normal like any other humanoids and have females and males.

The Quasians are an advanced race, with computers beyond that of the Federation. They do not have warp capacity but they have the technology to something far more advanced to the Quantum Slipstream. The Quasians are almost complete in developing a device known as the Quantum Transporter that transports something by manipulating the quantum level to travel. The transporter uses a similar theory of what humans theorized about the Hyper Drive. However, the transporter is much more advanced in that when research is completed, the Quasians would be able to travel anywhere from point A in the galaxy to point B in an instant, no matter how far the distance. As their communications is not on the similar level, the Quasians do not dare to risk travel beyond the galaxy.

The Quasian government is an orderly and organized one, consisting of 32 representatives as a collective council for their planet. These 32 representatives are usually the 32 wisest and smartest people of all Quasians. This council is usually referred as the Quantar. Under the council, there are 32 committees that do various administrative tasks ordered by the council. These committees have 32 people each, and are either hired or voted by the people into office. In the event of an emergency or a disagreement, the 32 committees may meet, vote for one representative for each committee and form the Quasian Council of Agreement. The Quasian Council of Agreement is made of the 32 original representatives plus the 32 elected representatives of committees. The Council may include up to 32 elective representatives of the people, if the need arises. The Quasian Council requires 2/3 in agreement of all those present.


The Quasian history, or historta, is mostly filled with the discovery of science and the existence of the other 31 selves. The Quasians know that their history stretchs for at least 500,000 Earth years and they evolved from a similar animal akin to the Earth's dolphins. The Quasians have two ages, the first age they refer as The Age of Awareness. This is age is considered as a dark age when their race were savage and not aware of the other 31 selves. The Age of Awareness was filled with wars and uneducated people. It was not until 3000 Quanta ago that a sciencist named Quanas proposed a theory about the view of their planet that the system existed on 32 dimensional planets that intersected each other. This theory was developed into fact 10 Quanta later. After what they mark as The Discovery, the Quasians were able to united as one planet. The theory was able to advance the Quasians to make them see beyond their old petty differences. They discovered that their star has 32 planets in the same circular orbit as their planet, rotating in different angles. They were not able to see it at first without the aid of a special visual device, but now every Quasian can see the other 32 dimensions. Within a few Motas, the Quasians were able to develop a device in which interacted between parallel dimensions so they could communication with the other 31 selves. As time progressed, Quasians were able to communication almost instantly with their other selves. With each improvement, the Quasians can now think and hold a great deal of knowledge.

When the Quasians went to explore space, they found that their was one large problem. One of these problems was the fact that they discovered they could not maintain contact with their other selves. The first Quasians in space went insane and died shortly after. When the space craft crashed back to the planet's surface, the Quasians were able to resolve the problem with a dimensional device in which they were around their necks. As time progressed, the dimensional device became part of jewelery, such as necklaces and bracelets. The Quasians never dared to settle on other planets in fear that their dimensional devices would break down, so they only explored the galaxy to exchange information. They have explored only limited of their space, and do not dare to interfere with other alien races. The Quasians try to keep to themselves, and tried to develop faster ways of transportation in order to increase their range of going to a certain point and returning home just as fast. They have not been successful in developing a large scale dimensional device to encompass a larger area. The Quasians have not yet met the Dominion, and it is apparent that the Dominion is a bit farther away. The Quasians have heard of the Dominion, however, they are trying their best to avoid the Dominion.