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Talos IV

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"The Cage" (TOS), "The Menagerie, Pt 1. and 2" (TOS)

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One of the more mysterious species the Federation has encountered, the Talosian culture dates back hundreds of thousands of years. The Talosians are a powerful dominant humanoid culture, who have lived on Talos 4 for many years. The Talosians during their history were nearly killed by a nuclear war, however a few survivors clung to life in underground caves and passageways. During the time in these caves, the Talosians became dependent upon creating illusions using mind as well as technology from their ancestors.

By the mid-23rd century, the Talosians resorted to capturing passing travellers to serve as a new source for illusions. The Talosians enjoyed sharing the experiences of those aliens they had collected prior to the war, but this became a dangerous narcotic for them. They came to rely on their fantasy life more and more, eventually losing almost all touch with reality. Meanwhile, their technology crumbled and decayed around them to leave them all but helpless. There has been no further contact with the Talosians due to General Order 7 which states: "No Starfleet vessel shall visit the planet Talos IV under any circumstances, emergency or otherwise. This order supersedes General Order 6. Any transgression of this general order shall be punishable by death."


The Talosian response was to bring aliens to their world, hoping to select appropriate specimens and use them to breed an entire race of slaves to maintain their society whilst they continued to enjoy their telepathic fantasy lives. The first encounter between Talosians and Humanity came when the SS Columbia crashed on Talos IV in 2236. All the crew were killed except for one woman, Vina, who was badly injured. The Talosians repaired her injuries, but although they found Humans to be an ideal physical choice for their slaves they were not able to proceed with their plans for a further 18 years due to the lack of any male candidate, which was to be Captain Christopher Pike.

In 2254, the Talosians captured the USS Enterprise, then under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, in an attempt to create a permanent human community with a female Vina, which was captured after her ship crashed on the planet several years earlier. But Pike was resistant to being kept in a cell, so the Talosians believed that they were unsuitable subjects for their needs. Nevertheless, in 2266, the Talosians invited Pike to return to their world after an accident left him disabled. At Talos, illusions made it possible for Pike to live out the remainder of his life unfettered by the damage of his body. Since this time there has been no further contact with the Talosians. Presumably their society is still decaying, although the presence of a Human male and female may mean that a small group of Humans was produced after all.